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The challenge — taking advantage of B2B sales trigger events

Winning new customers is hard work.

But, for the BrightTalk revenue team, sales trigger events were a great way to spot potential sales opportunities. The team kept track of two trigger events:

  • Content marketing, sales enablement, and demand generation professionals who sponsored digital events, trade shows, etc.
  • And job changes within their current customer accounts (i.e. when a champion left a current customer account or a new buyer joined a current customer account).

But, considering that 20% of people (internal UserGems data) change jobs every year, this meant BrightTALK was overlooking opportunities to stay updated on its previous customers who had moved to new companies and could buy again.

They also discovered that when previous buyers requested a demo with their new work email address, the revenue team treated them as new leads instead of repeat buyers.

BrightTALK’s CRM couldn’t tie the present to the past, resulting in a frustrating experience for prospects who expect the team to treat them as returning customers.

BrightTALK needed to find ways to stay on top of buyer's job changes and spot potential customers.

The solution

To track customers when they change jobs and identify new buyers in their target accounts, BrightTALK implemented a four-step process alongside the UserGems prospecting tool.

This new process allowed them to track buyer's job changes within their customer and target accounts.

Plus, the BrightTALK team could react to any job changes with automated yet relevant content and messages.

Here’s the process in detail:

Step 1: Identify

The BrightTalk team prioritized tracking their current and former customer accounts, then expanded to target accounts and power users.

To identify power users, they looked outside of Salesforce and into other platforms like chat (Intercom, Drift, etc.), their product user base, and every other marketing solution that they used with their CRM.

These power users can become buyers at their new organizations as well as your internal champions.

Step 2: Activate

They then aligned sales, marketing, and revenue operations to automate the B2B prospecting process as much as possible. This helped speed up adoption from the sales team.

For instance, by automating lead routing from UserGems, the sales team could focus on reaching out to identified former buyers/newly-hired buyers instead of manually looking for these buyers.

Step 3: Win

A clear return on investment is the fastest way to drive further adoption and win internal support for a new tool or initiative.

UserGems’ monthly and quarterly reports on the number of leads consumed by sales development reps(SDRs), pipeline win generated, and more meant the revenue team could show instant value to the management team.

Step 4: Sustain

A consistent flow of leads is a great confidence booster for SDRs. It’s also vital to the long-term success of any B2B prospecting program. BrightTALK made sure to release new UserGems data on a specific email cadence/sequence.

That way, the team was able to work on every new lead and none slipped through the cracks. They also integrated the UserGems data into existing marketing programs—account-based marketing campaigns, direct mail campaigns, churn prevention campaigns—to get the most ROI out of their pipeline.

Results — using B2B sales triggers the right way

With UserGems, BrightTALK saw immediate ROI in deals generated—an 8X increase within 90 days from UserGems leads.

Plus, the automated personalized messaging produced reply rates of 26% from former buyers and 14% from targeted new accounts. This was many times higher than their average rates for cold email cadences.

Tracking job changes opened new growth opportunities, as former buyers and users were more likely to buy again at their new companies. It also led to a better buying experience as the BrightTALK team could recognize repeat buyers and speed up the sales process.

A lot of time, energy, and resources go into maintaining happy customers. With UserGems, the journey doesn't have to stop when your core buyer changes their company or role.

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