BrightTALK Sees 8X ROI In 90 Days By Monitoring Buyer Job Changes


ROI in Closed Won's within 90 days


Response Rate

BrightTALK is a virtual events platform that brings professionals and businesses together to learn and grow.


Winning new customers is hard work.

There are triggers or signals marketers and sales teams can look at to determine potential opportunities. For BrightTALK, the first signal is people who sponsor digital events, trade shows, etc. The second signal is any job changes within their customer accounts. For instance, new buyers come into current customer accounts, or existing buyers leave current customer accounts. On top of these signals, BrightTALK also runs an ABM program to help drive growth.

While recognizing the challenge of securing new customers, keeping them long-term can be equally as challenging. One of those often overlooked opportunities is staying connected to previous customers who transition to new companies, and therefore can purchase again.

Another challenge is that when these buyers request a demo with their new work email addresses. Instead of accelerating these repeat buyers through the sales process, BrightTALK’s CRM wasn’t making the connection, resulting in these repeat buyers being treated as new leads. This caused poor buyer experience and inefficiency. 

UserGems data shows 30% of people change jobs every year, and for a company with a large customer and user base, BrightTALK needed to find ways to stay on top of buyer’s job changes.


Usergems technology provided BrightTALK the solution to monitor buyer’s job changes within their customer and target accounts, identifying growth opportunities, and enabling the BrightTALK team with the ability to react to changes with automated yet personalized messages.

Key Learnings

Step 1: Identify

The BrightTalk team prioritized tracking their current and former customer accounts, then expanded to target accounts and power users.

To identify power users, look outside of Salesforce and into other platforms like chat (Intercom, Drift, etc.), product user base, and other CRMs/marketing automation solutions. These power users can become buyers at their new organizations as well as your internal champions.

Step 2: Activate

Aligning sales, marketing, and revenue operations to automate the process as much as possible to gain adoption from sales. For example, automate lead routing for UserGems data, create sequences dedicated to former buyers/newly-hired buyers.

Step 3: Win

As with any new initiative, having a clear ROI drives further adoption and support internally. UserGems provides quarterly reports with the pipeline wins generated, the quantity of lead consumption by reps, and more.

Step 4: Sustain

The long-term success of any new solution is in the ability to sustain it. It’s important to release new UserGems data on a specific cadence, whether daily, weekly, or monthly. Companies with a large volume of UserGems leads can consider gradually releasing them so that every new lead is worked on and not lost. Lastly, integrate UserGems data with other existing programs, such as ABM, direct mail, and churn prevention, to get the most return.


With UserGems, BrightTALK saw immediate ROI in a deal generation– an 8X increase within 90 days from UserGems leads. Plus, the automated personalized messaging produced reply rates of 26% from former buyers and 14% from targeted new accounts. 

Tracking job changes opened new growth opportunities, as former buyers and users are more likely to buy again at their new organizations. It also led to a better experience when repeat buyers are recognized and accelerated through the sales process.

A lot of time, energy, and resources go into maintaining happy customers. With UserGems, the journey doesn’t have to stop when your core buyer changes their company or role.

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