Playbook 7: CSM to prevent churn risk when someone leaves

Step 1 - Email the UserGems contact who's just left
Subject: Congrats on the new gig, {}!

Hey Frank,

Congrats on your new gig at {}! We'll definitely miss you at {previous company} but also excited for your new journey. If there's a potential fit again at {}, let me know and I can connect you with someone in our team.

Can you also let me know if there's anyone at {} that I can pick things up with? That would be very kind and much appreciated, thank you!
Step 2 - Email to his/her team within the account
Subject: Frank's departure

Hi Sarah,

I'm Victoria, the CSM at ACME responsible for {account}'s success. Frank was our contact priori to his departure. To ensure continued success, can we sync on what ACME and {account} have been up to, where're at, and where we're headed?

P.S. I've included the rundown below and our recent QBR.
Step 3 - Email the new decision maker when they join the account
Subject: Welcome to {account}, {}!

Hey Brandon,

Congrats on the new gig and hope you're settling in nicely.

I'm your point of contact from ACME to help your team achieve XYZ. Attached is a recent QBR with some highlights, and below are the top 3 goals that your team's working with us on.

I'd love to (virtually) meet to say Hi and learn how I can assist with your objectives. Please let me know when would be a good time to connect.