Playbook 3: Previous customers' new job is not within your buyer persona

Recommended for:
AE/SDR need to multi-thread other contacts within the account referencing the UserGems lead.
Step 1 - Email (from Outreach or Marketo on behalf of reps)
Subject: Your experience with ACME at {}

Hi Blair,

Congrats on your new gig! As a previous (hopefully happy) customer of ACME while at {}, do you reckon there's a potential fit again at {}?

We recently introduced [new product, feature] to help companies achieve XYZ. Here's how we help [relevant customer story].
Step 2 - Email (reply to the previous email)
Penny for your thoughts?
Step 3 - Email (manual step)
Hi Blair,

I'm currently in touch with [Name of decision maker] about a possibility of bringing ACME to {}. Would you be open to share your previous experience with [him/her]?

I believe that ACME can help {} achieve its goal like we do with {}. If you have any pointers or advice, I'd truly appreciate it.

Email template to multi-thread other contacts within the account

Use your existing outbound sequences, but add one extra email referencing your previous customers
Email template to include in your existing sequence
Subject: {} & ACME

Hi Sandra,

I noticed that Blair Johnson recently joined your team. He was a user of ACME while at his previous company, {}. I've sent him a note as well, but it could be interesting for you to chat with him about his experience to see if ACME could also be interesting for {account}.

Any feedback is very kind, thank you!