Why Go With UserGems vs
LinkedIn Sales Navigator?

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"This week alone, we had several demos booked in the first hour with opportunities we wouldn't have found otherwise. We also identified current clients that had our main contact leave. This level of insight is invaluable! The support at UserGems is top notch and they have provided excellent training."

VP Sales & Client Success at

Things That Sales Navigator Does NOT Provide
(But You Actually Want):

... does NOT let you know when your champion starts a new job (it only flags them as "Has Left")

... does NOT provide their new work email addresses

... does NOT automatically create new leads with their new work info in Salesforce

... does NOT automatically create new leads when new buyers join your target accounts

... does NOT integrate with your emailing tools (e.g. Outreach, SalesLoft)

(and more)

LinkedIn Sales Navigator is useful for individual searches but is extremely manual build prospect lists

With UserGems, You Can Focus On Selling And Closing Instead Of Finding, Verifying And Enriching Leads

Job Change Alert - at Scale

UserGems can track your entire CRM and userbase for job changes, and creates a new lead with their new work info when they start a new job.

Email Addresses & More

For every lead, UserGems provides their new work information, email address, phone, etc.

Built For The Way You Work

Every month, UserGems provides a list of newly-hired (and promoted) prospects in your target accounts -- directly in your Salesforce.

Complement Your Existing Technology

Integrated with Salesforce, Outreach, SalesLoft, and customizable to fit into your existing processes.

The Details

Contact Tracking For Job Changes
Flag when a contact has left their job
Enterprise license only
Provide their new company, title, email, phone, LinkedIn URL, location, etc.
Automatically create a new lead and link it to the previous record to connect the past and present
Notify Sales and Customer Success
Sync unique UserGems Salesforce variables (past company, past contacts, etc.) to email automation (e.g. Outreach, Salesloft) to personalize at scale
Track your entire CRM and product end-users

Unlimited seats
Account Tracking For Newly-hired (and Promoted) Prospects
Identify new prospects in your target accounts - every month, directly in Salesforce
Not directly in Salesforce
Let you know if the new prospects were your previous customers
Provide contact's work email address, phone, address, title, etc.
Add prospects to existing email sequences in Outreach or SalesLoft with one click
Know who you already contacted and when, for an effective multi-threaded sales
Alert accounts with new prospects or are at risk of single threaded
Remove prospects that already left the account
With UserGems, you'll turn job changes into warm leads with buying intent.

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