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Steve Jones
“UserGems is the type of tool that I've been looking for quite a while. The key is to reach out to your alumni customers at the right time - UserGems helps us achieve that at scale.”
Steve Jones
Steve Jones
VP of Demand Generation
in Closed Wons
in One Year
Becc Holland
“When I came across UserGems, I thought it's really brilliant. It makes our sales conversations shorter. "Hey, you've used our product before. How can we help you in this new role?"
Becc Holland
Becc Holland
CEO & Founder
Dwight Richards
“This week alone, we had several demos booked in the first hour with opportunities we wouldn't have found otherwise. We also identified current clients that had our main contact leave. This level of insight is invaluable!
Dwight Richards
Dwight Richards
VP of Sales & Client Success
in Closed Wons
David Pitta
“With UserGems, we saw immediate ROI in deals generated—an 8X increase within 90 days—by monitoring buyers' job changes from and to our target accounts."
David Pitta
David Pitta
in 90 Days
Response Rate

Identify your most likely buyers


Track your customers when they change jobs

Reconnect with your customers and users when they moved to a new company. Because they already know you and your product, you'll get a competitive edge.

Every month, UserGems surfaces these warm leads and their new contact information directly in your Salesforce.

UserGems for Sales
UserGems for Sales

Identify new buyers In your target accounts

Reach out to buyers when they're actively evaluating tools and still have the budget.

UserGems monitors your target accounts and surfaces prospects that match your persona when they've just started their new roles.


Turn your calendar into a lead generator [in beta]

Stay on top of your contacts’ job changes with alerts delivered straight to your inbox. Follow up with personalize messages with pre-filled email templates.

UserGems Calendar Tracking
UserGems Calendar Tracking

Integrate with your existing tools

We integrate enriched data with your existing workflow and tools so your team has easily accessible data that’s actionable and yields real results.
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Why UserGems?

Drive bigger pipeline

20% of your customers change jobs every year. Convert them to be your customers again.

Increase win rate

Buyers spend 70% of budget in their first 100 days. Reach out to them before your competition.

Reduce churn

Prevent customer churn when a champion leaves and/or a new executive joins the account.

Ready to grow your pipeline?

B2B Sales Funnel

To place your business in a position for success, you must think carefully about how to convert your prospects into paying customers. It can be helpful to divide your conversion process into multiple stages. Then, envision your sales and marketing teams moving your prospects down that funnel until they convert at the bottom. This is called a sales funnel.  Your sales funnel meaning is to help you target various marketing and sales tactics to various stages of the sales funnel, helping you employ the right strategy at the right time. You need a strong sales funnel strategy, particularly if you are developing a B2B sales funnel.

There is a strong relationship between marketing and sales. To target the right market, you need to think carefully about which leads to go after. That is the responsibility of your sales and marketing teams. While lead generation is the primary factor behind any sales funnel, you need to understand which leads should be at the top of your priority list. That is where it might help to target a few B2B sales KPIs. If you can figure out what metrics determine the strength of a lead, you can prioritize your time and resources accordingly.

For this reason, it is crucial to think carefully about how to deploy your sales funnel. If you have a strong sales funnel, you can build a strategy around it, efficiently moving your prospects from the top of the funnel to the bottom, where they will convert to paying customers. How can you get the most out of the sales funnel you set up for your business?

B2B Sales Pipeline Stages

To properly use your sales funnel, you need to divide it into several B2B sales pipeline stages. It might be helpful to look at a few sales funnel examples so you know what the most important B2B SaaS funnel conversion benchmarks are. With the right sales pipeline metrics, you can maximize the performance of your sales funnel.

So, what are the stages of your sales funnel? The first stage is lead generation. You need to make sure you regularly engage your audience through various channels to figure out whom you should be targeting as a potential lead for your business.

The second stage is lead nurturing. In this stage, you should be interacting regularly with those who have expressed interest in your brand, using relevant content that will help you keep your company in their minds.

The final stage is customer acquisition and expansion. This is where you run campaigns for people to purchase your products and services. In addition, you should be running campaigns regularly to upsell your current customers, convincing them to bring other people to your company. If you can reward your loyal customers, you might be able to convince them to come back for future purposes.

Make sure you think carefully about how your company can get the most out of these sales funnel stages.

B2B Sales Funnel Template

It might also be helpful to look closely at a B2B sales funnel template with a variety of B2B sales funnel stages. With access to a strong sales pipeline formula, including your sales funnel stages in Salesforce, you can set up a great sales funnel for your company.

First, you need a strong CRM, such as Salesforce, to help you maximize the performance of your sales funnels. To properly customize your sales funnel, you need to understand the entirety of the sales funnels from outreach to close.

After you have adequately outlined your sales funnel, you can set up your phases. You can target content to each stage of the sales funnel, figuring out what your triggers should be.

In general, your sales funnel should flow from unlikely to close to very likely to close. You might label these unqualified and qualified respectively. You should have a few stages in between as well. This will help your sales teams use their resources accordingly. If you have a strong sales funnel template in mind, you can set this up for your company. That way, you can figure out how your sales and marketing teams should be interacting with their leads at each stage of the process. Remember that it is a good idea to have tools that can interact with your CRM system as well.

B2B Sales Funnel Case Study

If you are wondering how to build a sales funnel from scratch, you need to learn more about sales pipeline stages best practices. That way, you can use the right B2B marketing metrics to help you build a strong sales funnel. That is where it might be helpful to look at a B2B sales funnel case study.

For example, there are sales funnel case studies that highlight the importance of the law of friction. One specific bank saw that their conversion rates increased significantly when they removed distractions or extra work from the process. The point is that you need to make it as easy as possible for your prospects to convert. Move everything else out of the way. If your prospect is free from distractions, they will be more likely to convert.

Another law you need to follow is the law of scale. This law states that if you build your sales funnel in a way that it can scale up your distribution, you will reach a wider audience. While reaching out to as many people as possible is important, it is more important to pick the right channels. If you follow these laws, you should enjoy success with your sales funnel.

B2B Sales Funnel Conversion Rates

So, how can you figure out if your sales funnel is working well? You need to follow the right B2B metrics, which include your B2B sales funnel conversion rates. If you follow the right SaaS conversion rates, including sales operations metrics, you will figure out how to move people through your sales funnel effectively.

Even though you want your prospects to purchase from your company, you also need to think about how to move them from one stage to the next. The conversion rate is the percentage of people who take your desired action. For example, are your prospects leaving their contact information? Are they liking or following your social media pages? Are they asking for more information?

You need to make sure that your sales funnel has been optimized to help you get the most out of your marketing and sales tactics. You should evaluate your conversion rates regularly to see what is working well and what is not. If you play to your strengths and cover for your weaknesses, you should see an increase in your overall conversion rate. Get the most out of your sales funnel.

B2B Sales Funnel Metrics

If you are looking at your B2B sales funnel metrics, including sales metrics in Salesforce, you will see that there are different metrics for different B2B sales funnel stages. It might be helpful to look at an inside sales metrics template to understand what matters most to your company.

For example, you need to track the amount of time your prospects spend in each stage of your sales funnel. You also need to track how long it takes you to close a deal on average. You should also look closely at the seasonality of your business. Do you have specific products or services that do better during a specific time? If so, how does this change your marketing and sales tactics?

How much money are you making from each contract? Is this enough to justify the investment? If not, what can you do to get more from each contract?

What is your overall churn rate? This refers to how quickly you see prospect turnover in your sales funnel. Is there a way to reduce the amount of turnover so you aren’t starting from scratch so often? Think about these metrics, as they are important for creating a successful sales funnel. How about we check out the sales funnel stages b2b needs to understand and act on?

Sales Funnel Stages

Ultimately, there are a lot of sales funnel stages that you need to think about. Looking at your B2B marketing funnel stages will help you learn more about your sales funnel. If you look at a sales funnel stages template and sales funnel explained, you can learn more about generating leads, following up with prospects, and placing your sales team in a position to be successful. Ideally, your sales team should be focusing on leads that have already been qualified. That way, you know they are getting the most out of their time.

If you are looking for a way to help your sales teams, then you need to use a tool that can help you qualify your leads. That is where UserGems can be helpful. In addition to helping find new leads, it can help you mark existing leads, allowing your sales teams to use their time wisely. If you want to effectively move people down the sales funnel, put UserGems to work for you. Make sure you spend your time on the right prospects.