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Steve Jones
“UserGems is the type of tool that I've been looking for quite a while. The key is to reach out to your alumni customers at the right time - UserGems helps us achieve that at scale.”
Steve Jones
Steve Jones
VP of Demand Generation
in Closed Wons
in One Year
Becc Holland
“When I came across UserGems, I thought it's really brilliant. It makes our sales conversations shorter. "Hey, you've used our product before. How can we help you in this new role?"
Becc Holland
Becc Holland
CEO & Founder
Dwight Richards
“This week alone, we had several demos booked in the first hour with opportunities we wouldn't have found otherwise. We also identified current clients that had our main contact leave. This level of insight is invaluable!
Dwight Richards
Dwight Richards
VP of Sales & Client Success
in Closed Wons
David Pitta
“With UserGems, we saw immediate ROI in deals generated—an 8X increase within 90 days—by monitoring buyers' job changes from and to our target accounts."
David Pitta
David Pitta
in 90 Days
Response Rate

Identify your most likely buyers


Track your customers when they change jobs

Reconnect with your customers and users when they moved to a new company. Because they already know you and your product, you'll get a competitive edge.

Every month, UserGems surfaces these warm leads and their new contact information directly in your Salesforce.

UserGems for Sales
UserGems for Sales

Identify new buyers In your target accounts

Reach out to buyers when they're actively evaluating tools and still have the budget.

UserGems monitors your target accounts and surfaces prospects that match your persona when they've just started their new roles.


Turn your calendar into a lead generator [in beta]

Stay on top of your contacts’ job changes with alerts delivered straight to your inbox. Follow up with personalize messages with pre-filled email templates.

UserGems Calendar Tracking
UserGems Calendar Tracking

Integrate with your existing tools

We integrate enriched data with your existing workflow and tools so your team has easily accessible data that’s actionable and yields real results.
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Why UserGems?

Drive bigger pipeline

20% of your customers change jobs every year. Convert them to be your customers again.

Increase win rate

Buyers spend 70% of budget in their first 100 days. Reach out to them before your competition.

Reduce churn

Prevent customer churn when a champion leaves and/or a new executive joins the account.

Ready to grow your pipeline?

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Lead Generation Strategies

The process to find and qualify new customers today has evolved dramatically thanks to data. In the past, you may have gotten a bunch of new customers via cold calling. Even though there may be a place for this technique, it is important to think carefully about your lead generation process. Specifically for B2B companies, you need to think about how to target employees, managers, and other individuals within the company. That way, you can find appropriate clients who will help you get new sales.

Even though this may sound complicated, there are plenty of B2B lead generation strategies to choose from. If you apply the right strategy to your business, you can improve your conversion rate and generate greater returns on your marketing investment. It might even be helpful to look at a lead generation strategy example. We will go through several of them.

Once you have generated a bunch of leads, you need to figure out how to prioritize them to get the most out of your time. That is where a lead prioritization tool such as UserGems can help you. This is a premium tool that can help you identify the right leads for your business. That way, you can prioritize people who are going to convert, increasing your close rates. If you think carefully about how you can put this tool to work for you, you will boost your conversion rates, gain new customers, and set your business up for success. Do not underestimate the power of a lead prioritization tool.

Lead Generation Strategies PDF

If you are looking for lead generation examples, including outbound lead generation strategies, there are a lot of things you need to keep in mind. First, you need to identify target personas that your sales team should contact. This is the most important part of your lead generation campaign.

After you have figured out which people to target as a part of your digital marketing strategy, you need to develop a strong online presence. This includes your company website, which makes it easier for prospects to find you. Once they find you, they can look at the value propositions you have to offer.

If you look at a lead generation strategies PDF, you will see that the next step is to collect your visitors’ contact information. How are you going to convince your visitors to submit their contact information? This is where you need the right systems in place for your lead generation strategies to work.

Clearly, there is a lot that you need to think about if you must get the most out of your lead generation strategy. You need to carefully think about this strategy from start to finish. If you think about each component of your strategy, you will place your lead generation campaign in the best position for success.

Lead Generation Strategies Small Business

If you are wondering about lead generation strategies for small businesses, there are plenty of lead generation methods and strategies to choose from. Clearly, small businesses operate differently from larger corporations. On a larger scale, there may be multiple departments that have to work together to generate assets. Then, these departments have to coordinate their communications to make sure they follow up with their leads appropriately.

When it comes to lead generation techniques for B2B in the small business world, you need a sales funnel. Then, you can slowly expand the funnel. Because you do not have multiple departments working for you, you need to think carefully about who to target.

You need to start by creating a V1 of a marketing funnel. This has to include numerous lead generation tactics. You can own these tactics and improve them over time. You do not need to get your lead generation strategy correct at the first attempt. Instead, you need to figure out how to target the right market. Then, based on your initial performance, you can fine-tune your strategy down the road.

Lead Generation Strategies Digital Marketing

When someone is looking for products and services, they usually turn to the internet for help. What do you do if you are looking for a product or service? There's a good chance you use a search engine. That is how your customers are going to find you as well. Therefore, you need to think carefully about lead generation strategies in digital marketing. These include lead generation for digital marketing agencies. There are numerous SEO lead generation techniques to choose from. A few common examples include blog posts, articles, podcasts, images, and videos. You may also want to take advantage of PPC campaigns, webinars, or numerous other types of downloadable materials.

If you are looking for B2B lead generation tips, there are several examples you should keep in mind. First, figure out which social media platforms your target market uses. Then, make sure you have a strong presence on those platforms. Use social media platforms to know your target market, drive them to your website, and generate strong relationships with them. Then, in the B2B world, make sure you take advantage of email drip campaigns. You need to be patient, as the conversion cycle is longer. If you take advantage of email drip campaigns, you will remind your prospects of your company’s value proposition without being invasive. Take advantage of these tips to grow your B2B lead generation campaign.

Lead Generation Techniques

You need to think carefully about the lead generation techniques you will use. By finding the right lead generation mechanism, you can increase your conversion rate. With the right lead generation techniques and tools, you can increase the rate at which you close deals.

If you are trying to put the right techniques to work for you, there are several important points you need to keep in mind. These include:

  • Figure out what the prospect’s pain points are. Then, try to target those using your company’s products and services.
  • Make sure you share materials on the benefits and drawbacks of your products and services. Compare your products and services with others in your industry.
  • Make sure you review how your products and services will be implemented. That way, your prospects know what to expect if they purchase your product.
  • Do not hide your pricing. Make sure you are upfront with this.

If you think carefully about how you can put these techniques to work for you, you will generate new leads quickly. Then, you can move them down the sales funnel as quickly as possible, turning them into customers.

Lead Generation Strategies B2B

There is a lot you need to think about if you want to get the most out of your lead generation strategies B2B. In the B2B world, it is critical for you to identify the personas you need to target. That way, your lead generation tactics in marketing strategies can hone in on those people. Whether you are taking advantage of professional B2B lead generation services, or you are trying to use the right B2B lead generation techniques, ensure you put the right tools to work for you. That way, you get the most out of your time.

That is exactly where tools such as UserGems can be helpful. UserGems is designed to be one of the most important components of your B2B lead generation strategy. You can target companies and find contacts who would make great marketing opportunities for your growing business. Are you tired of spending your time trying to convert people who have no interest in your products and services? If so, you need to find a better way to prioritize your leads.

Best Lead Generation Strategies for Startups

Even though technology has changed the way numerous industries operate, lead generation will always be a critical part of successful marketing and sales teams. Whether you have a startup or work for a large enterprise company, lead generation is the best way to vet opportunities for your business. That is why you need to put the best lead generation strategies for startups to work for you. If you partner with a B2B lead generation agency, you can get more out of your business lead generation strategies.

If you are looking for the best lead generation tools for small businesses, you need to take a closer look at UserGems so that you'll spend your time with people who are interested in your products or services. When you work with marketing qualified leads or sales qualified leads, you can increase the rate at which you close deals. Furthermore, you can also use UserGems to scale your services as your company grows. If you are looking to prioritize your leads effectively so you can spend your time wisely, why not check out UserGems?