The audience that converts 3x higher

This is the number one campaign you can run in tandem with an automated outbound email campaign. With your customers changing jobs at a 20%+ rate, you are leaving a massive amount of pipeline on the table if you aren’t targeting your job changers. While sales have been using this playbook for years, albeit mostly manual (without UserGems), marketing historically hasn’t touched it.

Marketers and demand gen typically haven’t touched these audiences for a couple reasons:

  1. This process is extremely manual to find job change information at scale without UserGems
  2. Bad data in the CRM/not enough contacts to target through paid media

While there are multiple segments within the broad category of job changers you can target, we are going to focus on the low hanging fruit for this first Marketing Playbook. In the other playbooks you will see the best ways to target:

Late-stage closed lost opp targeting and messaging

Product users targeting and messaging

Our main goal with this campaign is to stay in front of previous champions immediately after they move jobs, remind them of previous success, and be there for when they are ready to convert again. This campaign sees the most success when paired with an email outreach sequence which we will also detail in this playbook.

Audience filters

We want to make sure we get our targeting dead-on with these ads so slack your resident Salesforce/CRM expert to confirm you get all these filters correct. Also be sure that you have a way of ensuring the job changes are recent if you are attempting this manually. With UserGems, all job changes have a field to ensure the job change happened within the last 6 months.

Account type is “Prospect”

First we want to make sure we are only targeting prospects, not customers (check out the marketing churn reduction and expansion playbook for that filter)

Number of Open Opps is ≥0

We also want to make sure to set the number of open ops to “open”

This may seem counter intuitive at first, but one of the main benefits to tracking job changers is accelerating opportunities that are already open.

While marketing is mainly focused on generating new pipeline, many teams are held to a pipeline number that is further down the sales funnel.

With previous customers closing at a rate 3x higher than normal leads, this can reduce the sales cycle significantly.

ICP Account is True

Some job changers may land at companies that are not ICP even though they bought at an ICP company previously. There is a lot of “noise” around this, UserGems allows you to filter these out with one field. Because we track a large set of your job changers, we will surface job changes even if they didn’t move to an ICP company so you can be sure your CRM is staying clean and up to date. This means that you want to filter out those non-ICP job changers though to make sure you are targeting and spending your budget on people that can convert.

UG - No Longer at company is False

If you use usergems, when someone leaves the company, the old record is flagged as no longer at company. Because your CRM is always up to date with UserGems, we want to make sure old records are flagged as out of date without removing the record completely.

UG - Past Account Type is Customer

This is a UserGems generated field that helps you segment what relationship they had to your company at their previous role. This is a very important field that will help you define your messaging. For this playbook we will focus on the customer segment of this field.

Other filters you can use

Persona segmentation, if you have a large enough audience, can be a valuable layer of targeting to add to this campaign to send different messaging to different job titles.

The two campaigns: 1+1=3

Great! You have your audience filtered and ready to go!

There are going to be two pieces to this campaign. Good news! If you are already a UserGems customer, your outbound team is most likely using our Email Playbook 1 to outbound to this same audience! If you aren’t a UserGems customer yet, make sure these campaigns both launch to get the most out of each channel.

This is going to be a 1+1=3 situation for the sales and marketing teams. Paid media running to the audience that is receiving emails will increase open rates and response rates on emails overall, generating more pipeline. And vice-versa, the emails will help your ads resonate and remove some of the ad blindness due to multiple touch points.

Building the campaigns

This section will walk you through step by step how to set up these campaigns in LinkedIn. We will go through two ad types and some examples of each.

1. Importing the audience

This step will be shared between all campaign types. We will go over the manual way of importing audiences into LinkedIn from Salesforce. This import can also be done through Hubspots marketing tool, Metadata, or tools like

Raw imports of UserGems sourced data tends to match at 85-95% (well above average)

2. Create a new report for your job change audience

3. Set up your SFDC report filters

4. Set your columns to match LinkedIn’s template

5. Download the LinkedIn list template and import your SFDC export CSV to that sheet

6. Upload the list to LinkedIn Audiences

7. It’s time to build!

Create a campaign group to organize all your UserGems campaigns

8. Now create your “Job Change - Customer” Campaign with Website Conversions as the goal

You can direct these ads to custom landing pages built for job changers that include gift cards, content downloads, etc. (make sure if you incentivize demo requests with these ads, they are aligned with your outbound campaigns)

9. Select the audience you made in the previous stage.

Make sure that you uncheck audience expansion! If it is checked, it will target contacts outside of your job changer list.

10. Create the ads

Keep these points in mind when you are creating your ad:

  1. Make sure it stands out
  2. Talk to the individual’s previous success with your company
  3. Remind them they can do it again

Conversation ads for Job Changers

Convo ads are a great way to get in front of your target audience, at a higher cost in exchange for more focused messaging and high open rates. Currently UserGems convo ads are close to 70% open rates. When paired with an incentive such as a gift card, these can be a great way to drive pipeline.

1. Create another campaign now: “Job Change - Customer - Convo Ads”

2. Select the lead generation goal

3. Use the same audience we created earlier in this guide/the last campaign

4. Select the conversation ad placement

5. Write the ad copy

Keep it simple and don’t ask for too much! You just want to provide value through that gift card or a free download of some sort to remind them you are there when they are ready. You can also create an outbound sequence to nurture them after they claim that gift card or have your sales team reach out to them depending on their relationship with your company.

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