When you are looking to implement or add new tools to your technology stack, you must involve the whole revenue team. But with UserGems, the “Byndies” at Bynder’s sales and marketing had it going with little or no operational help. 

That’s one of the many reasons Bynder uses UserGems. Bynder is a leading digital asset management platform, allowing brand and creative teams to provide the right, on-brand assets across the enterprise. Dónal Ó Mearáin is Bynder’s Director of Lifecycle Marketing, and he’s a big fan of UserGems. 

“UserGems is a straightforward use case and easy to slot in. We were immediately convinced of the value (it’s obvious from the get-go). We have over 3,700 customer champions plus decision makers on the key contacts across all the personas we work with. We just knew this was the right product for us. So at the basic level of sourcing UserGems, it was a pretty simple proposition to move forward,” he says.

Finding the right pipeline generation software to support your sales and marketing teams can be transformative for your business’s growth. “The opportunities we’ve won and leads we’ve sourced through UserGems are closing at a higher rate than we see across the business,” says Dónal.  “An additional 10% to 15% win rate.”

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Here’s how Bynder uses UserGem’s always-on pipeline generation engine to accelerate its win rate and drive visibility with customer champions.

Why UserGems? Support sales and marketing alignment

For a business leading the evolution to the 3rd wave of digital asset management, sales and marketing alignment is crucial to achieving Bynder’s goals. 

“We have a lot of different personas that have bought and used Bynder. So, what was crucial for us was making sure our sales team had accurate information. So, when we sent over tens of thousands of records to UserGems to track and discovered that most of these people had left their company, we knew we had a data problem,” Dónal explains.

“We quickly realized that how we had set things up wasn’t how we wanted to run our business. At this point, Steven Farina, our UserGems CSM, stepped in and helped us fix those really quickly. He went above and beyond to help us understand how our product data works. And how relevant and accurate it could be by doing some segmentation for us pre-enrichment.”

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“So, UserGems was crucial for us to build quality data for our sales team and an understanding that there was alignment with Marketing. Then we started getting deals and meetings pretty quickly,” he continues.

Build vs. Buy? It’s all about UserGems data quality

Bynder tried to implement the contact intelligence use case manually.

“We tried some of this manually. But it was challenging. We then moved on and vetted another company of a similar size and similar stage to UserGems. But halfway through the process, we pivoted to UserGems because of the clear product strategy,” Dónal explains. 

“We were able to get on calls with Christian Kletzl, UserGems CEO. And it was really good to be able to chat with one of the founders and see how close he was to the products, the strategy, and the view that he had.”

“With UserGems, data quality is the core thing. I combed through other data quality vendors that profess the same ‘quality message.’ But they also profess ten different things that they do. So, invariably there were gaps in the data quality. Now that we've expanded our use cases with UserGems, we find the data quality is still there,” he adds.

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Increasing growth using UserGems always-on pipeline engine

Growth is key to business health — and tracking key personas' job changes is the new growth.  

“Our tier-one UserGems lists require a high touch as these are key personas at our ICP. and are above a certain size. Our sales team use personalization to provide these key personas with the needed touch. With this list, our outreach gets an 11% response rate. A BDR would bite your hand for an 11% connect rate,” Dónal says.

Many functions across the enterprise use Bynder, including recruiting, finance, facilities, etc. 

“So, we have a lot of people who use Bynder but would not necessarily be decision-makers. We call these our tier-two prospects list. With UserGems, we are able to use a side-door approach for this list. ‘You’ve used Bynder in the past; would you be interested in making an introduction internally?’” Dónal says.

He continues, “we see a lot of people saying we’re not the right person but directing us to the right person to speak with. We’ve also reached out at the right time to somebody who was ‘just thinking about this’ so we are able to accelerate the opportunity process. These warm relationships allow us to accelerate deals as well as directly create a new opportunity.”

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UserGems automated insights and sequences play a role in Bynder’s ability to move fast and access these opportunities. “The outreach sequences we run are not complex,” Dónal adds. “After that, I hand the leads over to the BDR team. And they do their thing.”

UserGems + Bynder: It’s all in the numbers

In recent months, the common refrain for the global economy has been one of rising uncertainty. Challenges such as interest rate hikes, record inflation rates, and budget cuts mean revenue leaders like Dónal have to deal with pipeline anxiety more often than they might like. 

“Something a lot of people are feeling right now is there’s a period of uncertainty around where investments need to go. Everyone wants to be more efficient with their marketing spend to make sure you get some return on their marketing investment,” Dónal says.

But with the UserGems pipeline generation playbooks turned on, Bynder has some of their pipeline anxiety taken care of.

“Right now, our closed won is 3X ROI. And we expect to be at 5X ROI by year-end. And have hundreds of thousands of dollars of pipeline directly attributable to UserGems,” Dónal adds.

Advice for other lifecycle marketing leaders looking to bring on UserGems

“Automate from the beginning,” Dónal says. “I would suggest you build off the back of at least one or two clear plays that you're going to focus on. And automate those as soon as possible. You're going to end up with automated processes at the end anyway. So why not build as many as possible as you're comfortable with from the start.”

He continues, “Clean data is crucial. What set us back a little bit was the data quality. What you're putting in needs to be good enough that you can pull it out immediately and follow up with a clear message. Rubbish in, rubbish out.”

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