UserGems' Commitment

UserGems regularly checks compliance through external reviews and audits to ensure that our products and services meet the latest compliance and security standards.

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Publicly Available Information

UserGems monitors the accuracy and actuality of contact information by accessing publicly available information from social media platforms and does not include sensitive data.

Public information includes: name, contact data, employer, job title and description, job start and end date which have been made public by the data owner him/herself.

UserGems influencer marketing profile
UserGems influencer marketing profile

Data Protection Law Compliance

UserGems data can be used for legitimate business interests, such as sales and marketing campaigns.

Our data processing compares provided contact information against publicly available data with the aim to correct any outdated contact information, without profiling or the like.

UserGems Helps You Stay Compliant

According to GDPR (art 5 para 1 lit d), businesses are obliged to maintain the accuracy of their data, such as customer contact data.

Since UserGems' software corrects any outdated contact information, it is considered as one potential measure to help businesses fulfill this obligation.

UserGems influencer marketing profile
To obtain a legal assessment of UserGems conducted by an external law firm, please contact your customer success manager or email privacy@usergems.com