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Gar Smyth
VP of Revenue Marketing Operations

TLDR: Listen to what UserGems team tells you!

Our UserGems CSM has been telling us to automate the follow-up so that we could consistently act on the UserGems leads but we didn't listen.

We passed the UserGems leads to all BDRs to manually follow up. We then learned that some reps are more diligent at acting on these leads than others. That's leaving opportunities on the table!

Now we automate everything. We should have listened to UserGems from the beginning.

Automate the follow up. Don't be stupid, automate!

You can quote me on this. That was a tough lesson we learned.

Jim Williams
Chief Marketing Officer at Uptempo

I am a ‘rebound’ UserGems customer that fell victim to the siren song of a lower-cost provider just about a year ago.

But the devil is in the details. Actually operationalizing that intel at scale was a big challenge for us.

The value add of UserGems creating a new contact in Salesforce with information on where they came from, filtered by ICP fit, and updating the legacy contact, and alerting a variety of stakeholders with notifications is huge.

We pursued a handful of ex-customer leads in the year we relied on the other provider.

We went back to UserGems a month ago and I already have multiple connections and dozens of pursuits happening across the sales organization.

SDR & Marketing
Demand Generation & Marketing Automation
Lauren Alt Kishpaugh
VP Marketing

Just wanted to let you know that UserGems is one of our top 3 performing "channels" this year. It's getting visibility from CEO down to SDR. Your team is absolutely crushing it.

It's one of very few things that can be set up quickly and attributed directly to ROI.

Very very brilliant what y'all are doing, and from pre to post sale your team has been great to work with.

SDR & Marketing
Demand Generation & Marketing Automation
Koji Takagi
Senior Director- Marketing

"Our team is feeling the impact of what I consider one of the best demand generation programs we've ever activated. This type of data strategy has not been executed near this level before."

SDR & Marketing
DevOps & IT
Kory Himmer
Director- Marketing Analytics

"My 'aha moment' was the first booked meeting within one day of go-live. With some programs you wait days, weeks, months or even quarters for success. This was literally within 24 hours of launching."

SDR & Marketing
Victoria Hohlstein
Manager of Field Marketing at LeaseQuery

"We just closed our first UserGems-sourced opp! The sales cycle from opportunity creation to close is only 7 days :)"

SDR & Marketing
Tatsue Sera
Enterprise BDR at Jellyvision

"I love how UserGems takes hours of client/prospect research and distills it into a single, easy-to-use salesforce report. It's gotten me several meetings and brought business into the company."

SDR & Marketing
Ashley Cantave
Senior SDR at Greenhouse

"UserGems are an actual Gem! We're able to see contacts who have previously used our platform all in one place. They're more likely to close. I'm able to save time on looking through thousands of accounts to search for previous users. Time efficiency is perfect right now."

SDR & Marketing
HR & Recruiting
Adrian Tan
Strategist at Institute for HR Professionals (IHRP)

"You can't time the market but you can time when to reach out to leads for maximum response rate [with UserGems]."

SDR & Marketing
Fani Yaneva
Sr Director of Demand Generation

"UserGems is a must-have for a modern demand gen tech stack.

It provides unique type of signals and highly relevant data in a single report, which would typically take weeks of research using the standard prospecting tools out there.

I also love the ability to track attribution & results at any point and how collaborative the UserGems team is. Highly recommend!"

SDR & Marketing
DevOps & IT
Nathan Luebbehusen

"UserGems requires the least amount of effort for the most amount of output. For this year, it's been almost 20% of my sales and it's probably easily less than 10% of my work. It's great. It's punching above it's weight."

SDR & Marketing
HR & Recruiting
Rebecca Pautsch
Strategic BDR Manager at Emburse Chrome River

"UserGems helps me turn cold calls into hot ones. It instantly gives me something to talk about when I call or email the prospect. They have worked with a company who has used our software so they are most of the time familiar with us and what we do"

SDR & Marketing
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