No more spray and pray

Prioritize companies and buyers that are most likely to buy, based on relevant company and people-level signals.

UserGems Signal Library

Did you know?


Previous customers convert 3X higher than normal leads


New executives spend 70% of their budget in the first 100 days


84% of buyers start their evaluation process from referrals

past champions

Previous customers are 3x more likely to buy again

Unlock a new source of pipeline and accelerate deals by engaging with your previous customers, users, and prospects at their new companies.

But most companies miss more than 85% of these warmest leads.

New Hires & Promotions

New executives are 2.5X more likely to convert in their first 3 months

Monitor your target accounts for new hires and promotions that match your persona.

Great for prospecting, reviving closed lost, de-risking existing opportunities, and preventing churn risks.

Champion Referrals

84% of buyers start their evaluation through referrals

Turn referrals into a scalable source of pipeline.

Identify where your best customers used to work and ask for a warm intros into those companies, at scale.

signal library

Focus on signals that move the needle

What works for one company might not work for you.

Choose signals that are relevant for your target persona, industry, and business needs.

GemAI also suggests additional signals based on your historical sales data.

UserGems Signal Library

Two is better than one

Combine multiple signals to have a full visibility of buyers' context, journey, and buying intent.

Get the most of your existing signals by stacking them with UserGems' proprietary ones.


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