Less than 5% email bounce rate

UserGems processes and updates millions of contacts every month. You'll always have the latest data and, more importantly, can easily turn that data into pipeline.

Data Security & Compliance

We're committed to protecting your data and privacy with SOC-2 verification, regular penetration testing, compliance reviews and audits.
SOC 2 Type 2

High match rates and accuracy

Based on publicly available information, we can identify professional and contact information for 70-90% of the people that are in your CRM.

When they change jobs, we'll provide you with their new information in 60-80% of cases.

Our algorithm generates, tests, and verifies email addresses to keep your bounce rate less than 5%.

Instantly actionable

Access all relevant information for each contact in one view and directly within your CRM. This includes their current and previous employment and contact information so you can personalize your outreach.

UserGems integrates with Salesforce and Outreach
UserGems Account Tracking
UserGems Account Tracking

Monthly refresh

20-40% of people change their jobs every year but most enrichment vendors only update their database once every 6 to 18 months. That means outdated and inaccurate contact information, bounced emails, and wasted resources.

At UserGems, we refresh all of your contacts on a monthly basis so that you'll never miss out on sales opportunities.

With Linkedin & Zoominfo, you miss out on 70%+ of warm leads

Out of 9k contacts...

With LinkedIn:

  • 1,000+ false alarms
  • 500+ missing job changes
  • 3,263 or less accurate job changes
With UserGems:
  • 4,000 accurate & relevant job changes
Out of 100k contacts...
With ZoomInfo:
  • 1,700+ false alarms
  • Missing 10k+ job changes
  • 4,500 or less accurate job changes
With UserGems:
  • 14,000 accurate & relevant job changes
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Natasha Baker
"We evaluated the quality of their data across all the competitors (Clearbit, Pipl, etc.) and UserGems was by far the best in terms of coverage."
Natasha Baker
Natasha Baker
CEO & Founder

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