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You'll always have the latest and most relevant data that your team can act on. Request a FREE data test to verify our claim.
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But first... Data security & compliance

We're committed to protecting your data and privacy with SOC-2 verification, regular penetration testing, compliance reviews and audits.
SOC 2 Type 2 Certified
SOC 2 Type 2
“We evaluated UserGems alongside a few other tools, including LinkedIn Sales Navigator and ZoomInfo. And UserGems data quality came out much better than the other tools.”
Mikey Pawell
Mikey Pawell
Director, Revenue Operations & Sales Development
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Technology generated and human verified

UserGems obtains employment rate from LinkedIn and other publicly available sources.

Our proprietary technology, combined with human verification, identifies contacts and job changes that are most relevant to you.

Our algorithm also generates, tests, and verifies email addresses to keep your bounce rate less than 5%.

Refresh every 2-4 weeks

Most B2B contact databases refresh every 6 -18 months. That means wasted time, resources and your team reaching the buyers too late.

UserGems refreshes all of your contacts and accounts on biweekly and monthly basis. You'll never miss out on sales opportunities or churn alerts.

UserGems Account Tracking
UserGems Account Tracking

With Linkedin & Zoominfo, you miss out on 70%+ of warm leads

Out of 9k contacts...

With LinkedIn:

  • 1,000+ false alarms
  • 500+ missing job changes
  • 3,263 or less accurate job changes
With UserGems:
  • 4,000 accurate & relevant job changes
Out of 100k contacts...
With ZoomInfo:
  • 1,700+ false alarms
  • Missing 10k+ job changes
  • 4,500 or less accurate job changes
With UserGems:
  • 14,000 accurate & relevant job changes
UserGems found that 75% of our buyer contacts were missing from the Target Accounts. And have since sent over 15,000 new potential buyers directly to our Salesforce.
Daniel Bleichman
Daniel Bleichman
Sr Marketing Manager at Cato Networks
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