Industry Leading Data Quality And Accuracy

UserGems' database has more than 100 million contacts (and growing) that are refreshed every month. This ensures that your contact information is always up-to-date and actionable.

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"We evaluated the quality of their data across all the competitors (Clearbit, Pipl, etc.) and UserGems was by far the best in terms of coverage."

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Unique Combination Of Data Sources And AI

We use machine learning to reliably combine various public data sources, guaranteeing the highest data accuracy.


High Match Rates And Accuracy

Our algorithm identifies and provides employment and contact information more accurately and thoroughly than other enrichment software and services.

We identify professional information for 70-90% of the contacts you provide. And whenever they change jobs, we provide you with their new work email addresses in 60-80% of cases.

Accurate Data For Recent Job Changers

Providing contact information for people who recently started their jobs is a very hard problem.

We randomly selected 1,000 contacts who started a new job within this year and looked for their new work email addresses. We then compared our results against ZoomInfo and Clearbit.

UserGems accurately identified more email addresses than the other vendors.

Monthly Automatic Refresh

Thirty percent of people change their jobs every year but most enrichment vendors only update their database once every six to eighteen months. That means outdated and inaccurate contact information, and many bounced emails.

At UserGems, we automatically refresh all of your contacts on a monthly basis so that you never miss out on a job change and be able to get in front of the buyers first.

Instantly Actionable

Access all relevant information for each contact in one view and directly within your CRM. This includes their current and previous employment and contact information so you can personalize your outreach.

"UserGems is fantastic. The data they provide is incredibly accurate and up to date. Along with being more accurate, they are able to extract data on more users than its competitors can."

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