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Generate pipeline & prevent churn by monitoring buyer job changes & multi-threading the buying groups.
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Your always-on pipeline engine

track CHAMPIONs' job changes

Previous customers are 3X more likely to buy again

  • 20% of your contacts change their jobs every year.
  • Know when a contact left & joined a target account along with their new info directly in your CRM.
  • Great for generating qualified pipeline, deal acceleration, and churn prevention.
UserGems - Contact Tracking - job changes
UserGems account tracking
identify new hires & buying committees

New executives spend 70% of budget in the first 100 days

  • Capture job changes of ALL buyers that matter to you -- changes into, out of, and within all accounts
  • Surface key new hires and promotions
  • Map your buying committees and rank prospects by how likely they'll buy
  • Great for ABM, multi-threading, ad audience building.
make this always-on

End-to-end automation

  • Capture contacts from your CRM, Calendars & Product.
  • Fill in any missing key contacts & update your CRM
  • Add new contacts to relevant sequences & campaigns based on your qualification criteria.
  • Alert your teams via email, Slack, in CRM.

Go live in 1 week

UserGems integrates with your CRM, existing tools, routing logic, and workflows. Easy to get started and train your team.

Best-in-class data from LinkedIn and publicly available sources, combined with human and algorithm verification to ensure accuracy, relevance, and less than 5% bounce rate.

Your success is our success

You'll have dedicated Customer Success and Revenue Ops technical experts with you every step of the way, even before day one.

From implementation, training your teams, sharing best practices, or bouncing off ideas, you'll have a peace of mind that this program will be a success.
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