Coleman Gordon, RevOps Manager, Impact, talks about what success has been like for Impact with UserGems. Keep scrolling to read the full story.

So, why UserGems?

Here’s the short and sweet version:

Challenge: Impact’s revenue team saw value in capturing opportunities when prospects or customers earned promotions or moved jobs. However, the absence of a structured workflow meant they regularly missed out on these opportunities. 

Solution: Impact adopted UserGems - a buyer job change solution for revenue teams with aggressive targets - to automate this process instead of relying on manual follow-ups.

Results: With UserGems, Impact has generated pipeline worth half a million dollars in annual contract value (ACV).

Coleman Gordon quote on the quality of UserGems leads

The problem

Impact, a partnership management solution for creators and brands alike, had recognized the value in tracking opportunities during people transitions - internal promotions and job changes to new companies. 

Coleman explains, “Our marketing team initiated the idea of reaching out to prospects or customers during these moments of transition to create opportunities for the business. But there was no formal process, tools, or workflow for tracking these customer job movements.”

“It was the BDR director for the enterprise team or SMB team tasking their reps to manually track potential opportunities from prior customers or lost prospects who had transitioned to a new role or new company,” he continues. 

The absence of a systematic process meant three things:

  • Missed opportunities
  • Inefficient use of resources
  • An inability to take advantage of identified customer transitions due to the manual nature of the process. 

At this point, Impact brought on UserGems to automate their buyer job change program instead of relying on reps thumbing through Salesforce. 

How Impact runs the UserGems buyer job change playbook

To get the best out of its former customer or prospect on the move playbook, Impact tracks the following segments for job changes:

  • Closed Won opportunity contacts
  • Closed Lost opportunity contacts

Coleman adds,” We further profile these individuals based on specific fields in Salesforce, such as seniority and qualification fit - in this case, through their job title. The BDRs are then responsible for actioning these job change leads.”

To help the BDRs prioritize, Impact has a primary and secondary qualification level related to two fields at the contact level in Salesforce: 

  • Seniority qualification field: Does the contact’s title contain manager or above?
  • Title qualification field: Does the contact’s title contain the relevant personas  -  marketing, influencer, etc

These contacts are then fed to the BDRs via Salesforce reports based on if they pass both fields (primary)or one of the two fields (secondary). From that point, it's the BDRs job to qualify the account further. This way, it’s faster and easier for the BDRs to see value on the most likely to convert job changes.

But to get the program rolling, Coleman had to get buy-in. He achieved this by collaborating with the UserGems Customer Success Manager to conduct training sessions that walked the BDRs:

  • Through how to use UserGems 
  • The value of the buyer job change solution.

“They were immediately like, ‘Oh, this is valuable. These are good leads. And I should spend my time on these contacts.’ Now, I get responses from the BDRs saying, ‘My favorite day of the month is the day we receive our UserGems leads.’ The BDRs think of their UserGems leads as higher quality than most other leads,” he recalls. 

Coleman continues, “And they feel that way because they see the results. They are able to quickly set new meetings and opportunities once they get their new batch of UserGems leads for the month.”  

“Plus, this wouldn’t have been possible without the help of the UserGems CS team. And I think that's a really important element of this program because you're not going to know every in and out of the product, at least off the bat. But having that person and partnership is really valuable. And we've really appreciated that from our side. UserGems has been able to offer that and help us succeed by partnering instead of just selling us something.”


With UserGems, Impact has seen results such as…

✅ 68 opportunities directly influenced by UserGems

✅ $500K in UserGems-influenced pipeline 

✅ An average of five additional meetings from their UserGems contacts

And the best part was the success of the UserGems program made it easier to pitch new tools to the company leadership. Talk about a win-win for everyone. 

The solution's value was also clear to the RevOps team from the first batch of UserGems leads.

“Before we rolled it out to everyone, seeing all the qualified leads with their past information right in Salesforce was the moment I realized this engagement was going to be worth it,” Coleman says.

One UserGems tip

Well, Coleman had three tips for anyone looking to adopt UserGems:

“1. Prioritize implementing UserGems if you have a substantial customer base and keep track of your current customer contacts. As it will likely become a standard tool in the software business.

2. Assign the implementation and enablement of UserGems to a trusted individual in the RevOps team who can lead the process effectively.

3. Speedily integrate UserGems into Salesforce to make the potential opportunities visible. It makes way more sense when it’s live in Salesforce. So, don’t stall on this step.”

One RevOps tip

We ask every customer we interview for a tip for someone in a similar role.

Here’s Coleman’s tip for RevOps managers:

“ Emphasize constant improvement and value creation in your role through strategic investment in tools and processes. Be proactive in owning a process or area of the business and strive to make it better through a tool like UserGems. Plus, a solution like UserGems can help you showcase incremental value and your ownership mentality as an operations person.”

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