The cure for pipeline anxiety - How to generate qualified pipeline on autopilot

UserGems Guide - The Cure for Pipeline Anxiety
In a world of slashed budgets, stalled deals, and increasing churn, you can still generate qualified pipeline on autopilot.

UserGems shares the cure for pipeline anxiety with 4 ways to automate repeat business using the relationships you already have.

Give your team a shot at hitting their number with these 4 automated playbooks.

Don't take our word for it

150+ companies (10+ publicly traded) use UserGems to turn job movements and relationships into ARR
Corrina Owens
Senior ABM Manager at Gong

"Just a quick note to let you know we're loving your product here. Finding more ways to embed UserGems into our ABM workflows. šŸ˜Š"

Derek Kelliher
Sales Manager at Drift

"UserGems is just a technology that makes sense for any business that creates loyal customers/users. The automation capabilities to not only track job changes but then enroll in personalized outreach is truly differentiated."

What you'll get:

How relationships unlock warm pipeline

Discover why tapping into existing relationships can simplify pipeline generation.

4 ways to generate pipeline on autopilot

These champion tracking use cases guarantee you a full and qualified pipeline and more closed wons.

Start implementing scalable campaigns

Find out how to set up 4 playbooks to automate repeat business for your pipeline.

Give your team a shot at hitting their number