New executives are 2.5X more likely to buy in their first 3 months

But most companies miss 50% of these new buyers.
With UserGems, you will:
Capture relevant new hires and promotions in your ICP accounts
Prioritize prospects based on relationship strength and triggers
Add the new prospects to your CRM
Auto-enroll them to  pre-built sequences and campaigns
Refresh data every month

“15% of our BDR-generated pipeline comes from UserGems' New Hire signal. It's one of our best sales plays.”

Mikey Pawell
Director, Revenue Operations
15x ROI
in one year

2.5X higher conversion rates

We analyzed 660K+ prospects across companies:

Director, VP, and CxO are 2.5X more open to evaluating new tools & services within their first 3 months compared to after 1 year.

UserGems hidden gems series -- New Execs convert 2.5x higher if you reach out in their first 3 months
UserGems - prospect prioritization

Eliminate all manual contact discovery

Automatically capture new buyers that match your persona and add their contact information to your CRM every month.

Always-on playbooks

Automatically enroll new buyers into pre-built sequences for New Hires and Promotions. No more sifting through leads and manual tasks.

UserGems automates buying signals into actions and revenue
UserGems - prospect prioritization based on past relationships and job change signals

Prioritize the warmest prospects, at a glance

Prospects are automatically ranked, based on criteria that are relevant to you:

  • Past relationships (if any)
  • New hire
  • New promotion
  • Seniority
  • Persona

Easy to track ROI and accountability

Define your ICP accounts and key persona to only surface the most relevant leads.

Easily measure the pipeline and revenue impact from this play.

UserGems - Account Tracking dashboard

Want to get more pipeline with less work?