Previous customers are 3X more likely to buy again

Unlock a new source of pipeline and accelerating deals by re-engaging with your customers, users, and prospects at their new companies.

20% of people change their jobs every year, but companies miss 85% of these sales opportunities.

With UserGems, you will:
Know when a customer, user, or prospect has left (and joined a target account)
Automatically create new contacts in your CRM with their new information
Alert sales, SDR, CSM via email, Slack, Salesforce tasks, etc.
Automatically trigger sales and marketing outreach to speed up the buying process

“The key is to reach out to your alumni customers at the right time. UserGems helps us achieve that at scale.”

Steve Jones
VP of Demand Generation
in closed-won's

Instant pipeline boost from day one

Receive hundreds of qualified leads in your CRM -- every month -- when key contacts change their jobs.

Because of historical build up, you'll get a boost of thousands of job-change leads in your first month.

UserGems - Contact Tracking - job changes

More time for selling instead of researching

You'll get the full context about the buyers at a glance:

  • New contact record with their new company, title, email address, phone, LinkedIn, etc.
  • The new record is also linked to the old one in the same view, carrying over any existing key data like past usage data, NPS score, etc.
  • Old records are flagged as “No longer there”.

Define your criteria to auto-route leads to outreach

Based on your criteria, UserGems will push leads to relevant outreach sequences:

  • Whether the new company is your target account
  • Past relationships (past customers vs. prospects)
  • Buyer vs user persona
  • Seniority
  • Usage data (power user vs casual user)
UserGems - track ROI

Track ROI and adoption

Know how much pipeline & revenue was generated from UserGems leads - direct & indirectly.

Uncover how your team is performing with UserGems, and who needs more coaching.

Don't have time to clean up user data? No problem.

UserGems can capture missing Customer contacts and users for you.

We can also capture contacts from your team’s Google calendars, and map them to the right Accounts and Opportunities in Salesforce.(even for past meetings!)

UserGems captures contacts from Calendars and adds them to Salesforce
UserGems customer success team

We’re here to help!

Our technical Customer Success and Revenue Ops experts are here to help you turn this channel into an always-on campaign for your pipeline.

“The team at UserGems, like Steven (CSM), being there for me and helping me so much makes me successful in my role.”

Grace Feeney
Global Manager, Sales Development
44x ROI
in 11 months


Who should we track for job changes?

We recommend to start with these 5 types of contacts:

  1. Contacts associated with Customer accounts
  2. Product users - active and deactived users
  3. Contacts from Closed Lost opportunities
  4. Contacts from Open opportunities
  5. Contacts from Churned accounts
How many leads can we expect?

20%+ of your contacts already changed their jobs. In your first month with UserGems, you'll see an immediate boost in pipeline with these changes.

From then on, it'll be 2%-4% every month depending on your industry.

You'll also be able to segment these job-change leads to prioritize those that fit your ICP and target persona.

How much work would I need to do to clean up user data & mapping prior to implementation?

We aim to make this as low lift as possible for you and your team.

If you already have lists of accounts & users in your CRM, send us links to those dynamic reports and we'll take it from there.

If your CRM doesn't have user data or many are missing, you can input the parameters for Customer & Target Accounts and Target Persona in Settings. We will identify missing Customer contacts that match these parameters for you. Then, monitor them for job changes and highlight when they join a Target prospect account with the right title.

How accurate is UserGems data?

With our own algorithm and human verification, we have 95% match rate and provide email addresses with less than 5% bounce rate. We offer a FREE data test to help you verify this.

Is there a trial?

We offer a FREE data test. After sending us a list of contacts, you'll get a summary of how many have changed their jobs, their new titles and company segments. You'll be able to estimate the number of job-change leads to expect per year.

Do you have plans for individuals?

Unfortunately, no. Your champions will change jobs to new company sizes, industries, and geographies -- that might not be in your territory but might be in your teammate's.

To get the most of this play, you need to centralize it in your CRM and have the job-change leads distributed across the team.

Want to get more pipeline with less work?