Product Overview

UserGems offers end-to-end automation that identifies the best buyers and helps you act on those insights.
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How UserGems works

Your champion, Jared, left Hooli & joined Pied Piper
Your Customer Success is notified so they can find a new champion to prevent churn
SDR/Sales team is notified. The champion is added into a relevant job-change sequence in Outreach / Salesloft.
Capture the buying group at Pied Piper directly in your CRM for multi-threading
The champion is added to a "Former Customer" audience to receive ads on LinkedIn
The buying group at Pied Piper is now also receiving targeted LinkedIn ads

How your entire revenue team will benefit


  • A qualified channel that converts 3X higher.
  • Identify and prioritize key contacts in target accounts, automatically.

Deal Protection & Acceleration

  • Stay on top of key personnel changes in target accounts.
  • Easily multi-thread to 5X your win rates.

Churn Prevention & Account Expansion

  • Know if there are key job changes to prevent any churn risks.
  • Identify other stakeholders to drive expansion.

(actually) Accurate CRM

  • Outdated contacts are flagged.
  • Missing contacts are added to the right accounts & opportunities.
  • No more chasing reps to update contact info.

Why the best revenue teams choose UserGems

in pipeline
15x ROI
in one year
in closed-won's
12x ROI
in 6 months
30x ROI
in one year
in closed-won’s
"We tripled our entire outbound in one quarter. 50% of the phenomenal growth were generated through UserGems.”
Bobby Chapman
Bobby Chapman
Director Global Business Development

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