Meeting assistant

Capture and enrich contacts from your Calendar to Salesforce

Automatically create and enrich new contacts from your Calendar and add them to Salesforce, under the right Accounts and Opportunities. (Yes, even for meetings in the past too!)

How it works

Connect your Google Calendar &
Microsoft Outlook
New contacts are created and enriched in Salesforce, and added to opportunities
Get daily updates in your inbox about who you’ll meet
Get monthly alerts of contacts that changed their jobs and their new contact info

Spend more time selling, less time on meeting prep & updating Salesforce

Prepare for meetings in seconds

How often do prospects add their teams to your calendar invites? How much time do you spend looking up their titles and LinkedIn profiles?

UserGems automatically enriches these new contacts with their information and sends you a daily update every morning. It also lets you know if these contacts have met with anyone in your company.

We do all the (research) leg work so you don't have to.

UserGems Meeting Assistant
UserGems Meeting Assistant
UserGems Meeting Assistant
UserGems Meeting Assistant
UserGems Meeting Assistant

No more copy-and-paste to Salesforce

UserGems creates new records in your Salesforce for the new contacts, assigns them to the right Accounts and adds them to existing Opportunities. Now you have more time back for selling.

We also retroactively capture contacts from meetings that have already happened to Salesforce. Say hello to the CRM hygiene that your RevOps always dreams of!

Turn your calendar into your personal lead generator

when any of these contacts get a new job or are promoted, you'll get an alert with their new title, new company, and new email address.

They already know you so they're 3X more open to buying from you again.

UserGems Meeting Assistant
UserGems Meeting Assistant

Frequently Asked Questions

Do you create new contacts in Salesforce?

If the contact doesn't exist in your Salesforce, we'll create a new contact in the right Account for you. If the contact already exists but doesn't have a job title, we'll enrich it. We do not overwrite any existing data.

Do you add the contacts into an Opportunity for me?

Yes! If there is an existing open Opportunity, we will make sure that all external attendees are in Salesforce as Contacts, and we will relate them to an open Opportunity via Contact Roles if one exists for their Account.

Do you capture contacts from meetings that already happened?

Yes! We retroactively capture Contacts from old meetings and add them to your Salesforce, just like we do for new meetings.

How often do I receive an update?

Once a day. We'll send you a "Morning Update" email every day with details about who you're meeting. It's like having an assistant to help you prepare for the day.

My coworkers (e.g. ADR, CSM) often join these meetings. Do you add them to Salesforce?

No. We exclude any Contact that share your work email domain, e.g. @acme.com

Can you capture contacts from my coworkers' calendars who have already left the company?

Yes! If the calendar still exists (i.e. not deleted by your admin), we can retroactively capture Contacts from old meetings and add them to Salesforce.

What type of access do you need? Are you IT Security compliant?

We only need the Read access in order to enrich those meeting contacts with names and titles for you.

We also only collect and store the least amount of data needed, and encrypt this data using modern, best-in-class encryption mechanisms. Plus, we're SOC-2 Type 2 and GDPR compliant, and have successfully passed many IT security reviews with startups and public companies.

In short, you’re in safe hands!

For more details, check out our Data Security page

Does this work with Hubspot?

Currently, we only support Salesforce.

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