Reduce churns and identify expansion opportunities with UserGems for customer success

UserGems for Customer Success teams

Be more proactive and have automated insights of your accounts

Without UserGems

  • Surprised when a new executive joins and cancels the contract.
  • Find out that your champion has left when your email bounced.
  • No visibility into the rest of the organization outside of your point of contact.
  • Feel reactive, constantly having to put out fires.
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With UserGems

  • Identify opportunities and threats when new stakeholders join your account.
  • Get alerts when your contacts left the account (and help sales win the new account)
  • Capture missing and new key contacts in your accounts.
  • Leverage past champions joining your accounts to drive expansion.

Prevent churn when your contacts change their jobs

UserGems monitors your book of business every month for any job changes.

Get an alert when your champions leave or new executives joins your accounts. Set up automation to trigger “Churn prevention”, "New exec" playbooks.

Increase CS' collaboration with sales to identify where the champion moves to, opening doors at new prospect accounts.
UserGems for Customer Success
UserGems - monitor your champions' job changes

Identify warm paths to drive usage and expansion

Get an alert when a former customer joins your account. They can help drive adoption.

UserGems also captures missing key contacts to help your multi-thread, reducing dependency on your champions and expanding to other teams.

Keep your CRM accurate without manual data entry

UserGems updates your data every month – flagging old contacts, updating existing ones, and creating new ones.

It also captures and enrich new contacts from your meetings and add them to the right Account and Opportunity in Salesforce.

No more copy-and-paste or manual researching contacts.
UserGems captures contacts from Calendars and adds them to Salesforce
Dwight Richards
"[UserGems helps us] identify current clients where our main contacts leave. This level of insight is invaluable!"
Dwight Richards
Dwight Richards
VP of Sales & Client Success
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Integrate with your existing tools

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