UserGems For CSM & Account Managers

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Prevent Churn When A Champion Leaves

Automatically get an alert in CRM and email when any of your customer contacts leaves the account so you can proactively multi-thread to prevent any churn risks.

Whenever your contacts change job, UserGems also flags the old contact as "Left Company" to keep your CRM up-to-date.

UserGems lead list in Salesforce
UserGems ICP leads in target accounts

Prevent Churn When A New Executive Joins

New decision-makers are the #1 sales trigger as they evaluate the tech stack and team that they inherited.

This presents a churn risk if you don't proactively reach out to understand their new goals and prove how your product can help them achieve their new goals.

Every month, UserGems identifies any new decision makers and champions that join your account so you can prioritize your book of account, preventing any churn risks.


Identify Cross-sell And Upsell Opportunities

Timely identify expansion opportunities when new decision-makers and champions join different functions within your customer accounts.

By having a full visibility in any key job movements within your accounts, CSM and AM can prioritize their books effectively to achieve their KPIs.


Example CSM/AM Use Cases With UserGems

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Proactive Churn Prevention

Alert CSM when a champion leaves their account and identify who replaces them

Cross-sell & Upsell

Know when a new buyer joins an account for multi-thread and expansion strategy