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More pipeline, less spend. Win, win.

Without UserGems

  • Miss 85% of qualified, warm leads.
  • Rely on ad platforms’ targeting, unsure how much spend is wasted on wrong contacts.
  • Difficult in getting SDR/sales to act on target accounts with intent data (for ABM).
  • “My CRM data is a mess.”
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With UserGems

  • An additional, always-on channel of warm leads.
  • Programmatically target accurate contacts with title inclusions and exclusions.
  • Capture and rank contacts in target accounts automatically, easy for sales to act on them.
  • CRM is updated and enriched monthly.

Instant and monthly boost to your qualified pipeline

20% of people change jobs every year. This means you have hundreds of former customers and users at new companies, ready to buy from you again.

Because of historical build up, you'll also get a boost of thousands of job-change leads in your 1st month.

Generate ICP leads within your target accounts

Identify missing key contacts based on your criteria, title inclusions and exclusions.

Automatically rank contacts based on relationship strength, job-change signals, seniority, & persona.

This provides your team with accurate audiences for advertising and nurturing campaigns. And, your SDR and Sales teams can act on these contacts quickly.

Keep your database marketable & compliant

UserGems updates your data every month – flagging old contacts, updating existing ones, and creating new ones. This also helps you achieve and maintain GDPR compliance.

Our technology to generate and verify email addresses results in less than 5% bounce rates, protecting your email deliverability and saving your team's time from going after wrong prospects.
Steve Jones
“UserGems is the type of tool that I've been looking for quite a while. The key is to reach out to your alumni customers at the right time - UserGems helps us achieve that at scale.”
Steve Jones
Steve Jones
VP of Demand Generation
in Closed Wons
in one year

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