UserGems For Revenue Operations

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Bring LinkedIn Data To Salesforce At Scale

Cleanse, enrich, and grow your database by automatically updating existing contacts and adding net-new contacts every month.

You'll know who recently got promoted, left company, where they have gone to, and who is taking their place - along with their new contact information.

UserGems lead list in Salesforce
UserGems ICP leads in target accounts

Identify White Space In Your CRM

UserGems monitors your target accounts to find prospects that match your target persona.

Unlike other lead providers that update their database every 3 to 9 months, UserGems refreshes data every month so that marketing and sales can reach out to buyers at the right time and before the competition.


Create Cross-Departmental Efficiency

Remove silo customer information within each department to create the best customer experience.

Know your true customer lifetime value (LTV) by capturing both the buying and re-buying journeys of each customer.

UserGems is integrated with Salesforce, Outreach, SalesLoft, etc. and customizable to fit with your existing processes.

Example RevOps Use Cases With UserGems

CRM Hygiene

Keep your single source of truth up-to-date automatically

Identify White Space

Identify new ICP leads for sales and marketing

Email Deliverability

Avoid emailing to contacts who have left to improve your deliverability