UserGems For Revenue Ops

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Achieve Salesforce Hygiene

Keep your contact database up-to-date to enable revenue teams to hit their numbers.

Whenever your contacts change job, UserGems automatically create new contacts with new information and email addresses, alerting reps and CSM, while flagging the old entry as "Left Company".

UserGems lead list in Salesforce
UserGems ICP leads in target accounts

Identify CRM White Space

UserGems continuously monitors your target accounts to find prospects that match your target persona.

Unlike other lead providers that update their database every 3 to 9 months, UserGems refreshes data every other week so that marketing and sales can reach out to buyers at the right time and before the competition.


Create Cross-Departmental Efficiency

Remove silo customer information within each department to create the best customer experience.

Know your true customer lifetime value (LTV) by capturing both the buying and re-buying journeys of each customer.

UserGems is integrated with Salesforce, Outreach, SalesLoft, etc. and customizable to fit with your existing process, ensuring high adoption.

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Example RevOps Use Cases With UserGems

CRM Hygiene

Keep your single source of truth up-to-date automatically

Identify White Space

Identify new ICP leads for sales and marketing

Tool Consolidation

Reduce silo tools while minimizing manual workflows

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Hear From Our Customers

UserGems delivers true, concrete ROI on day one. It has turned out to be one of the most valuable solutions we have added to our go-to-market tech stack in the last two years.

former VP of Sales, Sisense

I would definitely recommend UserGems. We evaluated the quality of their data across all the competitors (ClearBit, Pipl, etc.) and they were by far the best in terms of coverage.

CEO and Founder, SnapEDA

UserGems gives our ADRs faster access to key people to reach out to. We can’t imagine operating without UserGems in our sales stack!

former ADR Manager, Sisense

This week alone, we had several demos booked in the first hour with opportunities we wouldn't have found otherwise. We also identified current clients that had our main contact leave. This level of insight is invaluable! The support at UserGems is top notch and they have provided excellent training.

VP Sales & Client Success, iWave