Hit your number faster by tracking customer job changes and multithreading with UserGems for sales

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More qualified pipeline, more multi-threading, less manual tasks.

Without UserGems

  • Miss 85% of job-change leads.
  • Reps spend 10 hours a week looking for qualified prospects & manual tasks.
  • Reps rely on a single point of contact, putting deals at risks.
  • “My CRM data is a mess.”
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With UserGems

  • An always-on channel of qualified leads.
  • Leads are created directly in CRM & routed to relevant Outreach/Salesloft sequences.
  • Capture the buying groups in target accounts, helping reps multithread consistently.
  • Your CRM is updated every month

Book more meetings with your warmest buyers

Previous customers are 3X more likely to convert. Plus, new executives also spend 70% of their budget in the first 100 days.

Every month, UserGems surfaces job changes that are relevant to you and routes them to relevant Outreach/Salesloft sequences.

UserGems provides your team with sequence templates that have been tested and proven by 200+ companies. No need to reinvent the wheel.

You'll reach your best buyer at the right time, and have more time to focus on prospecting instead of researching or data entry.

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Accelerate and de-risk deals with multi-threading

The average buying group today has 12+ people. That's why multithreaded deals have 5X higher win rates.

UserGems captures buying groups in your target / ABM / high-intent accounts, creates and ranks these new contacts directly in your CRM. Refresh every month.

This will help your team multithread consistently and increasing your win rates.

Capture new contacts from Google Calendars

UserGems captures and enrich new contacts from your team's Google Calendars and adds them to Salesforce.

Your team has more time for selling. No more copy-and-paste or manual searching contacts on LinkedIn.

UserGems captures contacts from Calendars and adds them to Salesforce
"If you believe in your product, UserGems should be part of your playbook. This channel has a 20% higher win rate than our typical win rate."
Dwight Richards
John Routhier
SVP of Sales
in 2 quarters

Integrate with your existing tools

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