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Sales trigger events = more pipeline, more conversions, more time back

Without UserGems

You're spending hours looking for high-quality leads & cold prospecting
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With UserGems

Your outreach is timely, not spammy And your calls relevant, not cold.

Book more meetings

UserGems surfaces every job change that's relevant to you, especially the ones already used your product before. You'll have more time to focus on prospecting instead of researching or data entry.

UserGems Calendar Tracking
UserGems Calendar Tracking
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Accelerate deals

Reach out to your warm lead - i.e. your previous customers at the account to have an internal champion for your deal.

Revive closed-lost opportunities

Know when a blocker leaves, or when a new buyer joins the account to re-start the conversation.

UserGems for Sales
Dwight Richards
“We had several demos booked in the first hour with opportunities we wouldn't have found otherwise.”
Dwight Richards
Dwight Richards
VP of Sales & Client Success
in Closed Wons

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