UserGems For Sales

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Hit Your Number With Leads That Convert

Book more meetings when your customers change jobs to new companies or new roles.

Because they already used your product before, they're one of your highest converting leads.

UserGems automatically creates new leads with their new contact information so you can reach out with personalized and timely message -- at scale.

UserGems lead list in Salesforce
UserGems contact information

Increase Win Rate By Being First In The Deals

New executives spend 70% of the budget in their first 100 days.

As they evaluate the team and tech stack that they inherited, they're most open to sales conversations and have unspent budget.

UserGems identifies newly-hired or promoted prospects in your accounts every month, so you can reach them first to shape their evaluation criteria in your favor.


Get More Done In Less Time

Get all information you need for an effective prospecting in one view, minimizing the need for using multiple tools or toggling between screens.

UserGems is integrated with Salesforce, Outreach, SalesLoft, etc. and customizable to fit with your existing process so less sales training is needed.

UserGems prospect email

Example Sales Use Cases With UserGems

Book More Meetings

Alumni customers will likely respond, buy more, and buy faster

Accelerate Deals

Know when a blocker leaves or when a new prospect joins

Get Referrals

Get warm referrals from alumni customers to their network