Watch this video to learn why Monica Bacican, Sr. Sales Operations Manager at LeanData, and the rest of the LeanData team are excited about UserGems. Or keep reading below for the full story.


Here’s the TL;DR:

Challenge: LeanData’s process for tracking champions when they changed jobs was manual and time consuming. After trying out two data enrichment tools, Monica and the rest of the LeanData team needed a better way to flag “former customers on the move.”

Solution: By adopting UserGems, LeanData was able to automatically track and assign the right accounts to the right sales team without lifting a finger.

Results: Within the first nine weeks of integrating UserGems with LeanData, the revenue team saw a 32% increase in opportunities generated. And saved time previously spent manually updating, filtering, and validating contact records.

Tracking LeanData champions before UserGems?

“Complicated! Overly technical! So many steps that required different reports and different tools,” says Monica.

LeanData, a Revenue Orchestration Platform, found themselves dealing with a complex and manual process when following their champions, customers, and users to their new companies. 

“We were using an enrichment tool to flag whenever a contact was no longer at the company. But we needed to rely on manual updates and manual processes for it to work the way we wanted,” Monica says. 

She continues, "We switched to a second data enrichment vendor. But it was no different. We then relied on Sales using LeadIQ and Sales Navigator but it was just like relying on insight from other tools and then having to manually trawl the internet for where these prospects moved to.”

An unnecessarily complex process meant the likelihood of an error was high. So, the LeanData team found themselves doubling down on due diligence to make sure the process went seamlessly.

Monica explains,”Our Ops team would run a process to update a number of records manually. This involved multiple steps, multiple tools such as the data loader, and manually validating the records, de-duplicating and filtering the records.”

“Making sure we were getting the right data before sending alerts to the team was a multi-step process and ate into the time we should have spent on other projects.”

Since adopting UserGems three months ago, generating pipeline by following former champions on the move has never been easier for the LeanData team.

Why UserGems? Tracking customers on the move made easy

“From an Ops perspective, UserGems is a dream come true,” says Monica.

With over 600 positive user reviews and a consistent string of G2 awards, LeanData has a ton of raving fans. So, when one of these customers changes jobs, the possibility of turning them into repeat buyers is high. 

Monica continues, “We were so excited to be integrated with UserGems. We don’t even need to think about it or lift a finger.”

“It surfaces a job change, notifies the team via Slack, and drops the lead into the right sequence based on their past relationships.  We can check the account assignment easily and instantly round robin the opportunity to the correct sales team. It just works.”


Since adopting UserGems, LeanData achieved:

✅ 25 meetings booked in the first two months

✅ 32% increase in opportunities generated within the first nine weeks 

✅ 15% of our Pipeline Added since the launch of UserGems was as a result of our "Virality 2.0" campaign/efforts

✅ And an impressive number of opportunities being created since the launch of the UserGems program.

LeanData quote on UserGems

Monica says, “We’re getting in the door sooner than we would have without UserGems. And just being able to continue that relationship and trust at the new company is lending itself to see that in the metrics in the future.” 

“It's so exciting that we refresh the dashboards multiple times a day.”

Even better, it didn’t take long for the LeanData team to realize implementing UserGems had been worth it.

“Within the first few days, I was getting pings from reps and managers saying ‘people are responding to my emails and LinkedIn messages with such positive messages like we’re so excited to talk with LeanData.’ The entire team was so pumped early on,” Monica explains.

“Our Sales team has been able to bubble up these accounts that know LeanData and love LeanData. And now we’re helping facilitate these conversations more quickly than we would have before. Sales is getting the right alerts, at the right time with the right contacts and not relying on manual process and not taking more time out of their day to search for job changes manually.”

“It’s such a breath of fresh air to know we have a process that just works. It’s an Ops dream come true to deliver something with such value with such a minimal lift,” she continues.

One UserGems tip

Monica’s number one tip for using UserGems:

“It’s so important to be thoughtful when reaching out. You want to make sure the sales team is doing their research on whether they were a customer or they were involved in a previous opportunity. And what's so great is UserGems provides all of that information on the contact record so it’s right at their fingertips.

Starting a new job is stressful and exciting so you want to make sure you’re reaching out with relevant information but also remembering to thank them for being a customer or evaluating the solution in the past. We like to send former customers a gift, we use Postal.”

One Sales Ops tip

We ask every customer we interview for to share one tip for someone in a similar role.

Monica’s tip for any Sales Ops leader looking to add the most value to their revenue team: ask questions such as why to get to the root cause.

“If you’re getting pulled into a cross functional project, get into the why. In Ops, we’re often bouncing from one thing to the next and balancing multiple projects. And so when you get to the why or the root cause of why someone is asking for a process to be changed or asking you to  build a new sequence or report, it can help you understand the best course of action to take and to help deliver the outcome that really will add the most value."

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