Your past champions are your future opportunities.

Grow your pipeline and win more by following your customers, users, and prospects to their new companies. They are 3X more likely to buy from you than your average leads.
UserGems Contact Tracking product

20% of people change their jobs every year, but companies miss 85% of these sales opportunities.

With UserGems, you can:

Know when a customer/ user/prospect has left their company

Automatically create new contacts in Salesforce with their new information

Integrate with your tech stack to automate the entire playbook -- from lead capturing to sales outreach

Hit your number with hundreds of warm leads every month

Receive new leads directly in Salesforce - along with their new contact information - every month when your customers change their jobs.

UserGems also looks retroactively on job changes that already happened, flags outdated contacts and creates new records with their new info.
UserGems Contact Tracking
UserGems Contact Tracking
UserGems Contact Tracking

More time for selling instead of researching

Get all of the context you need for a warm outreach -- new company, title, work email address, phone, LinkedIn profile, etc.

UserGems also ties the new record with the previous one in one view, allowing for personalization at scale with email automation tools like Outreach or SalesLoft.

Revenue on auto-pilot

UserGems integrates with your existing tech stack and workflow to automate the playbook -- from lead capturing to sales & marketing outreach.

With UserGems' monthly refresh, data accuracy, and less-than-5% email bounce rate, you will reach the buyers at the right time & before your competitors.

Being in front of the buyers first increases your chance of winning by 74%. (Source: Forrester)
UserGems for Sales. Email template
Steve Jones
“UserGems is the type of tool that I've been looking for quite a while. The key is to reach out to your alumni customers at the right time - UserGems helps us achieve that at scale.”
Steve Jones
Steve Jones
VP of Demand Generation
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Integrate with your existing tools

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