Grow Your Pipeline By Selling To Previous Buyers

Product Demo: "Account Tracking"

**Note: this video used the previous product name "Account Based Targeting"

Hi there, this is Trinity from UserGems. In this demo, I’m going to show you how UserGems Account Based Targeting works.

Before we get into the product, let me walk you through a typical prospecting workflow that many sales teams shared with us, and see if you agree.

  1. After you find a target accounts that have not been prospected (it’s usually from a target account list), go to Salesforce to make sure there's no past history to be aware of
  2. Go to a data provider, plug in the company name & filter by your target persona (usually that's job titles)
  3. Go to LinkedIn to verify if those prospects are, in fact, still at that account
  4. Go back and forth to verify each prospects before putting them into Salesforce
  5. And finally, add them to Outreach for emails

It’s hard to be effective and hitting your numbers if you need to spend all that time just to find leads instead of selling.

And because it's so manual, most reps don't go back to their accounts to check if there are new prospects who might be more open for a sales conversation now.

UserGems can help.

Here’s how it looks for a rep:

When there are new prospects that match your persona within your target accounts, you will receive an alert for new UserGems tasks.

Here you will see the number of net-new prospects - whether they’re recently hired or recently promoted. You will also see if any of the prospects that you engaged with recently left – this could be interesting if that prospect was a blocker. You can then drill into the account.

Here in the UserGems section, you will the list of new prospects that match your persona and have not been contacted. Also, their work email addresses. You will also see who were or are in a sequence so that you can multi-thread effectively.

The list of new prospects is ranked based on how closely they match your persona, if they start the role recently. If they are your previous customer, which mean they should be your highest priority, you’ll see a UserGems icon next to their name. Once you select the prospects, you can simply add them to an existing sequence. In this example, in Outreach.

What will happen is UserGems will automatically create these new contacts in Salesforce – if the contacts don't exist yet- and add themto an Outreach sequence that you select – all in one step.And you’re done with an account in roughly a couple minutes.

Most importantly, unlike other data vendors, UserGems updates its data every 2 weeks. So as soon as there are new prospects joining your target accounts, you will know before your competition so you can get in a deal first and help shape the buyers evaluation criteria.


Marketers can sync the monthly list of these new prospects to a marketing automation for ABM activities, custom audience for ads, or direct mails. That way you can reach new buyers to build awareness before they enter the buying cycle.


Last but not least, Customer Success and Account Managers can use this product to monitor their book of accounts – know when a new decision maker joins your account so that you can proactively prevent churn risks or identify any cross-sell & upsell opportunities.