Grow Your Pipeline By Selling To Previous Buyers

Product Demo: "Contact Tracking"

Hi there, this is Trinity from UserGems.

In this demo, I’m going to show you how UserGems automates tracking your previous contacts for job changes so that you can market and sell into their new organization.

To start, you provide a list of everyone you want to track. This could be a Salesforce dynamic report of all your customer contacts, or a CSV file. We’ll then automatically identify their LinkedIn profiles and continuously track them for job changes.

In this example, Jared Dunn was your champion when he worked at Hooli. We identified his LinkedIn and found that he changed to Pied Piper so we flag the OLD Jared record as “Has Changed Job”. Then, we create a new contact (or a new lead) for the NEW Jared, under Pied Piper account. We’ll then provide his new work email address and alert the rep and the CSM. In the contact view, we also link to his old record so that reps can easily reference to any past activities with Jared when he was at Hooli.

The best part is, all of these fields can be mapped to your existing sales and marketing automation tools, so that you can send personalized – but completely automated – emails to these warm leads. Like this one:

20-30% of your customers change their job every year, which become a continuous flow of warm, high quality leads for you. UserGems automatically detects the change, enriches them with contact info and makes it extremely actionable so that you can focus on marketing and selling to them again.