Christian Kletzl, CEO and Co-founder, and Stephan Kletzl, CTO and Co-founder introduces UserGems Signal Platform
Christian Kletzl, CEO and Co-founder, and Stephan Kletzl, CTO and Co-founder introduces UserGems Signal Platform

Today we're excited to announce a new phase of UserGems with the introduction of the UserGems Signal Platform.

For 5 years UserGems has developed and fine-tuned the blueprint for turning valuable buying signals into revenue. We began with "Past Champions" signal (aka “Champion Tracking”) – intentionally developing end-to-end playbooks, pre-built sequences, and testing messaging to optimize these signals for measurable outcomes.

After half a decade, surfacing 8 Million leads and generating over $2 Billion in pipeline for customers, UserGems is doubling down on its mission to turn signals into revenue.

How? By bringing you more relevant buying signals, making it easy for anyone in your organization to set up workflows to act on those signals, and offering AI capabilities to help you get more results with a leaner team.

Our goal is to make pipeline generation more strategic, intentional, and efficient.

The state of GTM is at a turning point

Outbound is evolving quickly and companies are trying to keep up. The playbooks from the last 10 years aren’t getting results; companies won’t scale using the same old strategies.

Outbound is inefficient

We don't often say that anything in B2B is “dead,” but spray and pray is dead. It's become too costly and unsustainable.

Spray-and-pray approaches are flooding inboxes, leading to never-ending cold calls, and making prospects scared to check their email and LinkedIn inboxes. 

In 2019, it took 500 activities to generate 1 outbound opportunity. Today, it takes 1300 activities.

Not only is this wasteful for companies, but it’s also burning out teams and incentivizing them to use poor GTM practices. This in turn is making prospects more skeptical and harder to reach. No one wins in this scenario. 

To grow and win in the future, companies need to replace spray-and-pray with spearfishing.

Companies want smarter outbound

Companies want to stand out in a noisy market, hit increasing targets, and generate pipeline more efficiently. They need to be more strategic and intentional with their GTM. 

Buying signals enable smarter outbound by providing relevance and context to every campaign and program. With signals, they can prioritize who to target, when, and why. 

A recent study from UserGems found that 91% of revenue leaders plan to use signals in their GTM in the next 12 months. However, after speaking with hundreds of revenue leaders in the past few years, we’ve also discovered that companies don't know where to start with signal-based GTM. 

They aren’t sure which signals to prioritize for their business, or how to operationalize signals across their teams to see meaningful results. 

How to implement AI in enterprise is still unknown

When asked what new solutions they are exploring to hit targets this year, over 50% of revenue leaders shared that “adopting AI tools” was among their top considerations.  

At the same time, these leaders indicated that “understanding and using AI and automation tools” is one of their biggest challenges for outbound.

This shows they don't yet know how AI fits into–or should fit into–their existing programs and workflows to make a meaningful and lasting impact.

UserGems Signal Platform for a more intentional and efficient growth

The state of GTM is at a turning point and so is UserGems. 

UserGems captures the most relevant and best signals, initiates the next steps, and helps your team research and craft messaging with AI. You’ll hit your ambitious goals faster and smarter by focusing on the areas of the highest positive impact. 

Signal Library: Choose your most relevant signals

Signal-based GTM does not mean throwing every signal into the mix. A few well-chosen signals, optimized for impact, can yield better results than hundreds of unoptimized signals.

UserGems’ expanded Signal Library helps teams build plays using the most valuable signals–not the most signals. Every signal is attached to a business objective, such as pipeline generation or churn prevention, to ensure you’re focused on efforts that move the needle for your goals.

Users can trust that every UserGems Signal has been engineered to generate results. 

Workflow Builder: Turn every signal into revenue 

Signals without action are just noise. 

Many revenue teams understand the concept of signal-based GTM, but they get stuck figuring out how to build workflows. This is especially true when they don’t have easy access to an Ops team.

Creating end-to-end workflows bridges the gap between inaction and action, enabling teams to run signal-based plays at scale. Without it, the most likely scenario is that nothing happens.

UserGems Workflow Builder makes actioning signals entirely self-serve so that even users with minimal technical experience can build advanced workflows that automatically assign the highest converting actions to each signal–all you need to do is verify and save. 

GemAI: Get more results with a lean team

Teams are still expected to accomplish more with less to drive growth efficiently. GemAI helps busy revenue teams optimize their processes, from managers to sales reps. 

  • Identify more opportunities. GemAI defines the right ideal customer profile (ICP) and target persona and keeps them updated for you. It suggests criteria and buying signals that are most likely to convert based on your CRM so you win more.
  • Prioritize and rank your best-bet prospects. GemAI prioritizes and ranks ideal accounts and prospects based on the strength of signals so reps can focus on their most important responsibility: selling.
  • Act on signals efficiently. GemAI crafts personalized messages that are more likely to convert based on information and context from the most relevant signals and then inserts them into your existing email cadences for reps to review.

Data quality you can trust

Having the most accurate data for your signals-based programs isn’t a “nice-to-have” — it’s a need-to-have to reduce resource waste at your organization.

Unlike most vendors that rely on third-party data providers, data quality is foundational to the UserGems product.  Inaccurate data means you can’t have automation to run always-on programs, nor can you trust the AI recommendations. With our own algorithm, rigorous tech and human verification, data quality is one thing we’re most proud of.  UserGems has a  95% match rate and provides email addresses with less than 5% bounce rate.


Outbound is changing quickly and it’s clear that traditional methods are no longer sufficient. Signal-based GTM is the new way forward for revenue; UserGems is drawing the roadmap.

After talking with our customers and listening to the market, UserGems Signal Platform is our response to the evolving demands of GTM. This new chapter of UserGems empowers companies to use more intentional, efficient strategies, and win more with lean teams, using the most accurate data.

Thank you for joining us on this journey as we innovate and lead the way in signal-based GTM.

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