How contact tracking tech can reconnect brands with former customers

conversion rates
in one year

You have great clients! They're also loyal to your product or service!

But how do you stay in touch with them when they switch jobs?

Ellie von Reyn, Conductor’s Director of Demand Generation faced this dilemma.

“Our customers love our technology and our service team. We’ve got thousands of customers, but marketers switch companies every couple of years. We wanted to reach out to this loyal user base, but we didn’t have an easy way to do that.”

Automated contact tracking with UserGems turned out to be the answer.

In the last year, they have:

  • Closed 10 deals which were directly attributed to the past-user campaigns
  • A 30X ROI for past-user campaigns versus other media campaigns; and
  • Past-user email campaigns have 3X higher conversion rates versus other email campaigns.

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