So, why UserGems? 

Here’s the condensed version: 

Challenge: Dozuki noticed its champions and buyers frequently changed companies. They tried to track these job changers manually. But quickly found the high volume of job changers rendered their manual solution inadequate. 

Solution: Dozuki adopted UserGems - a champion tracking tool that offers end-end automation for teams looking to identify their best buyers - after evaluating similar tools.

Results: Within six months of onboarding UserGems, the Dozuki revenue team saw a massive increase in pipeline velocity.  Using UserGems to help facilitate new outreach, we saw aging per pipeline stage dramatically decrease.  Within 6 months, we won 5 additional opportunities generating over a 9X ROI in new business. Deal size also increased by over 10X. 

The problem

Dozuki, a digital manufacturing training platform, discovered many of its champions and buyers regularly changed jobs. The revenue team initially relied on manual methods to track these former users on the move. 

The manual approach resulted in blind outreach with minimal results. The team also needed help pinpointing and focusing on the valuable warm leads. 

James says, “Our cold prospecting via the sales team was a waste of time. At best, we’d see 1% callback rates from blind outreach. Our champions and buyers also frequently switched companies. The high turnover of users meant manual tracking was inadequate.”

For James, it became apparent that Dozuki needed a tool like UserGems because:

  • Manual tracking was unscalable,
  • The team’s need for strategic outreach 
  • And they wanted to capitalize on warm leads from past champions.

To ensure they got the best deal, Dozuki evaluated UserGems and similar tools in the champion tracking category. But as James points out, “UserGems outperformed the rest on data quality and how it seamlessly integrated with our workflows.”


Within six months of adopting UserGems, Dozuki saw: 

✅9X ROI 

​​✅Deal size grew by more than 10X

✅Increased target account engagement due to more relevant and personalized outreach

“In the initial data we received as a pilot, we reached out to five people - one being a past champion. This led to a $140K 3-year deal. At that point, our average selling price was $7,800. We were like holy c**p, we’ve just paid for UserGems and more,” James adds.

He continues, “We were primarily focused on SMB-sized deals with an average deal size of $7,800. Now, we’ve used UserGems and a couple of other tactics to drive up into the mid-market or corporate enterprise. Since last quarter, our average deal size has gone up to $112K, which is fantastic.”

UserGems alerts also ensured Customer Success Managers knew when champions left an account. And they could work towards aligning with new contacts within the account. This played a crucial role in client retention. 

By using UserGems to identify key champions within an account, Dozuki was able to identify potential growth opportunities within larger existing customers with many facilities. And drive expansion within these accounts despite initially targeting a limited number of facilities. 

One UserGems tip

James has three tips for companies looking to bring on UserGems:

1. Don’t underestimate the value of past connections.

2. Warm leads are often more productive than any cold outreach.

3. The right tool can make a difference in managing these connections effectively and will enable you to scale the “former champion on the move” program.

Track former champions and users with UserGems

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