“Our SDRs prioritize these leads because they know these are warm conversations.”

That’s how Victoria Hohlstein, Manager, Field Marketing, LeaseQuery replied about life since UserGems.

Victoria manages Field Marketing at LeaseQuery, a user-friendly and trustworthy financial accounting solutions provider. Founded by accountants in 2011, LeaseQuery helps businesses simplify the complexity of lease accounting.

So, how did Victoria and the revenue team at LeaseQuery become such strong advocates of UserGems?

UserGems' ability to automate repeat business certainly helps.

Sam McDade, Director of Marketing, adds, “With UserGems, we don’t need to spend a lot of time connecting with someone who might not be interested or qualified to use our product as our UserGems prospects are pretty responsive and aware of LeaseQuery’s capabilities. It’s more efficient and means that if the former customer has a need, we can get them into our sales cycle more quickly.”

Since implementing UserGems, LeaseQuery has:

-    Seen a higher win rate than average leads

-    Seen high-quality leads

-    Generated 4X ROI

Learn why the team at LeaseQuery loves UserGems, their favorite UserGems playbook, and how UserGems can help marketers and sales succeed.

Why UserGems? An always-on engine for churn prevention and new pipeline generation

Preventing churn is crucial to the success of any business. UserGems was initially added to LeaseQuery’s RevTech stack by its Customer Success (CS) team.

The original UserGems use case was for CS to prevent churn risks when their primary contact at a customer account leaves for a new opportunity. .

“We use UserGems by notifying our CS team if someone leaves. It gives us an opportunity  to find another decision maker at the customer account to maintain the relationship.”

The Marketing and SDR teams eventually realized there was an even bigger use case for pipeline and revenue generation from these new job-change leads.

“Our SDRs prioritize these leads because they know these are warm conversations,” Victoria adds.

LeaseQuery’s high-ROI playbook with UserGems

The accounting industry is notorious for its reliance on legacy practices. But post-pandemic, there has been an increased movement towards more technology investment for accountants. This is driven by the need for efficiency, streamlined workflow, and added value for their firms.

But this also means players like LeaseQuery must get to their buyers before everyone else.

“We track customers who move jobs to target accounts where the job changes within a specified timeframe. These leads go to our SDRs,” Victoria explains.

Quick wins after implementation

“Our experience with the UserGems CS team has been wonderful. Steven Farina, our former CSM, was incredible during our onboarding. He had tons of practical ideas and creative feedback for how to get the program off the ground,” Victoria says.

She continues, “he had a lot of suggestions around messaging and strategy. He made sure we were doing everything we could to make the program as successful as possible. The support and overall customer success experience have been good.”

Impact? Above average win rates & shortened sales cycle

“We have large goals this year. So, this is a great always-on pipeline program that provides the team with a good boost every month,” Sam says.

LeaseQuery’s Marketing team adopted UserGems to support their pipeline generation efforts. And it’s been everything they expected, from start to finish.

“We also see value in tracking retention with UserGems,” Sam says. “UserGems can help us sell to our customer base and drive more meaningful and intentional conversations with our customers. 

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