“It’s like Christmas when we get the batch, the nurture goes out, and then the leads start flowing in.”

That’s one of the many reasons John Routhier, Chief Revenue Officer, SkillSurvey, and the rest of the revenue team use UserGems. SkillSurvey is a talent intelligence platform trusted by over 3,000 companies, institutions, and partners. 

John adds, “Our best leads always came from our past users. But we didn’t have a good way to track them down. We had internal processes like a rep would manually mark the person inactive in Salesforce. And then, someone else would manually look for where they went and try to get their new contact information. Relying on people to manually input data can be challenging for sales reps.”

“We found out we weren’t capturing everyone because some people would still come inbound, and the rep wouldn’t know they had used our product in the past,” John continues. 

Reaching out when your customers change jobs can make all the difference when looking for a consistent flow of qualified pipeline. “We wanted a process in place to get more pipeline and revenue from our past customers. We previously used LinkedIn, but it’s so manual and clunky,” Tyler Reinhard, Director of RevOps, SkillSurvey, adds.

Learn how SkillSurvey implemented UserGems and now drives 15% of their pipeline from tracking past users within five months.

Going to the next level with UserGems

In the first month of using UserGems, Tyler immediately saw the opportunity UserGems presented to SkillSurvey. 

“The first month, we did a big batch because we looked at everyone who had changed jobs already. I went for a run when the first outreach email went out. And I could feel my phone going crazy on my armband. I came back to thousands of emails. I was like, ‘oh man, this is going to be pretty cool,’” says Tyler.

“Out of the initial 46 UserGems generated opportunities, 80% of them converted. Our typical conversion rate is 55%, so this channel has a 20% higher win rate than our typical win rate,” he continues.

SkillSurvey quote on how UserGems boosts their win rate

SkillSurvey implemented UserGems to help with pipeline generation (and $750,000 and a 4X ROI in two quarters says it all), but adopting the tool across the organization has also improved collaboration between the Sales and Marketing teams. “It’s definitely improved collaboration from an execution standpoint. We don’t have to constantly make changes on LinkedIn, and we get recurring results monthly,” Tyler explains.

Getting UserGems up and running

The onboarding process can make or mar a tool’s impact within an organization. And a smooth implementation and onboarding process depends on the Customer Success Manager handling the process. 

Tyler says, “The email templates UserGems provided us when we were onboarding were helpful. The tone and tenor seemed more human and not like a marketing email. It’s strategic to have this sort of support, from email templates to creating workflows to make sure the leads get routed to the right people. Justine Wares, our Customer Success Manager, has been helpful.”

SkillSurvey quote on UserGems approach to customer success

When we say your success is our success, we mean it.

The UserGems always-on pipeline engine is a must-have playbook, even in uncertain times

“If you believe in your product, UserGems should be part of your playbook. We have a 92% retention rate. So tracking past users is a must for us,” Tyler says. 

“For me, it's reliable, as, on a monthly basis, we have new pipeline from the product,” John adds.

And for teams looking for a consistent source of qualified pipeline in the current climate, John has a tip for you:

“To me right now, with organizations cutting back and looking at their tech stack, UserGems should be a higher priority. You’re going after people who know you and know your value. This means a “shorter sales cycle, higher value.”

Tyler adds, “With people changing jobs more and more, I’ve seen people that go through our nurture twice. If your clients are changing jobs, this is a huge opportunity.”

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