“It automates what I’ve been doing manually on LinkedIn, with exponentially greater scale and efficiency.”

That’s what Jeff Louie, Strategic Revenue Account Specialist, Tipalti said on UserGems’ annual NPS survey when asked about his perspective of the tool. 

Korey Krueger, Sr. Manager, Sales Development, Tipalti, adds, “it takes a lot of effort to get the information UserGems provides. More tenured SDRs have the capacity to get some of that information on their own. But junior SDRs struggle to do so, thus not fully utilizing their territories. UserGems helped up-level everyone in the organization.”

Customer quote on how UserGems uplevels SDRs

Tipalti is TrustRadius’s #1 rated payables automation solution for 2000+ of the world’s fastest-growing companies. Companies rely on Tipalti to scale their entire payables operation effortlessly without adding systems or headcount. 

This is the story of how Tipalti uses UserGems pipeline generation playbooks to achieve 23X ROI in closed won revenue.

UserGems: Way more than pipeline generation

“Overall, UserGems has helped with pipeline generation drastically. We’ve generated close to $4M in pipeline since we onboarded UserGems,” Korey shares.

Now, that math is straightforward. But UserGems also provided way more value than pipeline creation and closed won revenue. Tipalti has a 98% customer satisfaction rate, so the value of a tool like UserGems is tenfold for a company like Tipalti.

“UserGems helps us accelerate deal timelines by surfacing people who aren’t necessarily decision-makers but can introduce us to the decision-maker. This has helped speed up our sales cycle and allow us to get in front of organizations faster than we would’ve naturally,” Korey explains.

How Tipalti uses UserGems always-on pipeline engine

Tipalti’s favorite playbook with UserGems is automating repeat purchases when key contacts move to new companies.

“Since they’ve used Tipalti before, it’s a familiar conversation. They feel like you know them deeply when you refer back to the previous relationship,” Korey says. 

To engage with these folks, Tipalti’s SDRs use what Taylor Vo, Account Executive at UserGems, calls the triple threat prospecting method.

Korey shares, “we hit them from every angle. We start with an email talking about the relationship at the past organization. We then follow up with a phone call, and a LinkedIn request but pointing them back to the original email with collateral. It’s important to provide value throughout the sequence.”

UserGems automation turns this playbook into an always-on pipeline generation campaign, one the Tipalti reps have come to love.

“UserGems ability to leverage Outreach and enroll contacts in pre-made sequences, so the rep doesn’t have to dig through SFDC, increases our reps’ efficiency. So, when our reps see a UserGems prospect, they perk up and pay more attention to it because these contacts are more valuable,” Korey says.

Customer quote on how increasing rep efficiency

Turning on Tipalti's automated high-ROI playbook

Every B2B technology requires some level of implementation and onboarding, even if they’re ready out of the box. Especially when the technology impacts pipeline and commissions, it is even more critical to be thoughtful about integrations and routing. 

That’s why part of ensuring a tool is onboarded successfully is having a dedicated and technical Customer Success team guiding you every step of the way. 

Korey shares, "I’ve had an amazing experience with the UserGems Customer Success team. It’s been super easy. They’re very collaborative. Communication is great.  And a constant monthly meeting cadence that has helped us utilize the tool better.”

Customer quote on how UserGems customer success team

He continues, "The job of a CSM is to make your life easier, and this isn’t always the case with every vendor. But our UserGems’ CSM (Caroline) works with us to ensure we utilize the product properly instead of the usual upselling you would get with other technology vendors.”

Advice for other sales development leaders looking to bring on UserGems

“At any stage of growth, UserGems is super useful, and I’d highly recommend it,” Korey says. “It takes a ton of time to find the information UserGems provides. And your SDRs could spend that time reaching out to prospects instead of researching.”

Customer quote on why UserGems is useful for an stage of growth

He continues, “I would recommend it to any company that’s looking to grow. It’s a tool that helps automate high-ROI prospecting processes and it yields high results. As these leads convert at a higher rate due to their familiarity with Tipalti.”

23X ROI in closed won revenue says it all.

And for teams looking to implement UserGems, Korey has one tip for you:

“Do the dirty work upfront, it pays off in the end. If you’re lucky enough to have an outreach tool like Outreach or Salesloft, make sure to utilize that functionality. I would also say make sure you’re checking that the team is actually following up with the UserGems - because those are high-value leads.”

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