UserTesting generated millions in pipeline and saw an 18X ROI by monitoring their customers for job changes

in closed won's
in one year
"UserGems is the type of tool that I've been looking for quite a while. Your alumni customers are your lowest hanging fruit, and if you offer a great product or service, these champions will remember and likely bring you into their next organization. The key is to reach out at the right time with the right message, and UserGems helps us achieve that at scale."
Steve Jones, VP of Demand Generation

UserTesting is an on-demand Human Insight Platform that gives companies on-demand access to the human perspective to make customer-informed business decisions at scale.


With a large customer base of more than 2,000 organizations in 45 countries, UserTesting was exploring ways to find out when their customer contacts change to new companies or roles.

The team knew that when a customer joins a new company and is in a similar role, they are likely to be interested in solutions like UserTesting again.

They looked into tracking their CRM contacts and user base themselves, but with thousands of customers and many more users, it would have been too resource-intensive to do it reliably every month.

"These contacts are the people who have used our product before. So if UserTesting was useful for them before, it'll most likely be useful for them in their current role at the new company."
Nathan Bennett, Director of Sales Operations and Strategy


UserTesting kicked off a cross-functional UserGems project between Marketing, Sales Ops, and Business Systems teams. Within a week, the team got back 1,300 job-changer leads.

The program was also used in conjunction with Alyce to send direct mails to these previous customers, thanking these previous customers for using the product in the past and congratulating them on their new jobs.

"It was very popular for both the marketing and sales team. I remember getting calls from the sales team asking 'When's the next batch of UserGems leads going to come through?' and 'When are we going to do more with UserGems?'”

Nathan's focus then was to operationalize this initiative so that the team gets a continuous flow of UserGems (alumni customer) leads to grow their pipeline. The entire process is now mostly automated and requires very little manual effort from the teams. 

Every month, UserGems creates new job-changer leads in UserTesting's Salesforce, along with their new email addresses. These leads then go to the sales team (SDR) who would select the ones for the marketing team to send direct mails to, and then SDR set up meetings. 

The team also created a new sequence for these UserGems leads to ensure the messaging is personalized but scalable, and very easy for sales reps to engage with the leads they receive.

“The UserGems leads are always quality, hot leads. The process is easy and well-thought-out which builds good results and helps us continue to build momentum to get even more adoption from within the company.”


Their preparation paid off. In less than one year since the UserGems implementation, UserTesting has generated millions in the pipeline and over $1M in closed won revenue.

"It's been wildly successful! The team is ALWAYS happy [about UserGems]. Every time we talk UserGems, we always get a smile."
Nathan Bennett, Director of Sales Ops & Strategy

Best Practices

💡 For companies that want to implement the buyer-job-change playbook, Nathan recommended having a close partnership between sales, sales ops/enablement, and marketing to get reps’ adoption.

“We have a great Sales Enablement team that partners closely with the Marketing team to build the direct mail program, the email sequences, and to train the reps. All of that makes it very easy for the reps to use. They're not doing anything out of the ordinary, except flagging the UserGems leads that they want the Marketing team to send gifts to.”

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