UserGems is the quickest path to warm pipeline for cybersecurity companies

Cybersecurity buyers are risk averse. UserGems helps you track your champions' job changes, automate the next steps so your team can break into target accounts easier and faster.
For Cybersecurity Marketing Society members: free CRM audit, waived implementation fee ($3,000 value), and 5% discount.

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Trusted by the best CyberSecurity teams
Clare Corriveau
Sr. Director of Demand Gen at Cobalt

Being in cybersecurity, our target personas are naturally suspicious, highly skeptical and very technical buyers. They are more willing to buy and talk to an organization they’ve worked with before and trust.

That is where UserGems comes in -- being able to keep those connections are essential in a constantly changing space.

Michael Goldberg
Head of Global Business Operations

At OneLogin, we were able to automate the tracking of our champions, creating new leads, and streamlining the outreach to them using UserGems.

This was after spending time trying to automate unsuccessfully using LinkedIn Sales Navigator. We found the 'Not at Company' flags that LinkedIn provides to be highly error prone,

Kory Himmer
Director of Marketing Analytics

My aha moment was the first booked meeting within one day of go-live. With some programs you wait months or even quarters for success. This was literally within 24 hours of launching.

Did you know?

Previous customers convert 3X higher than normal leads
New executives spend 70% of their budget in the first 100 days
Most companies miss 50% of key buyers in their accounts

What does success for cybersecurity companies look like with UserGems?

Case study summary

Mimecast generates $18M in new pipeline with UserGems

  • 20x more switches found than other methods
  • 276 sales opportunities
  • $18M in new business pipeline
  • 2nd highest converting channel at Mimecast.

Before UserGems Mimecast evaluated LinkedIn Sales Navigator and ZoomInfo, and ended up building an internal manual solution to track these “champions on the move.” None of these solutions worked effectively.

Mimecast adopted UserGems to track their champions when they move after running a data test that surfaced 10X - 20X movers more than any earlier technologies could surface.
“It wasn’t another generic solution that just flags someone leaving. It automates the entire workflow from capturing that someone has left, creates a new record in our CRM, then adds it to the right sequence under the right owner. This was an ‘Oh, we need to buy this’ moment for me,”
Kory Himmer
Director of Marketing Analytics

How your entire revenue team will benefit


  • A qualified channel that converts 3X higher.
  • Identify and prioritize key contacts in ICP accounts.


  • Stay on top of changes in your open opportunities.
  • Easily multi-thread to 5X your win rates.


  • Proactively prevent any churn risks.
  • Multi-thread to other stakeholders


  • CRM is automatically refreshed monthly
  • Sync contacts from Calendars to CRM & Opps

Go live in 1 week

UserGems integrates with your CRM, existing tools, routing logic, and workflows. Easy to get started and train your team.

Best-in-class data from LinkedIn and publicly available sources, combined with human and algorithm verification to ensure accuracy, relevance, and less than 5% bounce rate.

Your success is our success

You'll have dedicated and technical Customer Success and Revenue Ops experts with you every step of the way, from implementation, training your teams, sharing playbooks or bouncing off ideas.

Our RevOps team is also Salesforce, Hubspot, LeanData certified so you'll have a peace of mind that this program will be a success with minimal lift.

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