Playbook 1: Previous customers recently started their new role

Recommended for:
Create a trigger to automatically upload UserGems leads into an email campaign (Marketo, Outreach, Salesloft, etc.)
Step 1 - Email sent from a department head (using Marketo, Hubspot)
From: {an executive's inbox}

Subject: Your experience with ACME at {Previous Company}

Hi Anna,

I heard from {} that you just started a new role at {}. Congratulations!

We will miss you at {} but we're excited about your next chapter and hope that ACME can continue helping you achieve your goals in this new role.

Congrats again!

P.S: You might hear from our team in the future hoping to partner again but if there's anything I can assist please don't hesitate to reach out to me directly.
Step 2 - Direct Mails/Gifting as part of a sales sequence (Outreach, Salesloft)
Manual or automated step with solutions (e.g. Sendoso, Alyce, integrated with your Salesforce that alerts reps when the gift is received.

Gift ideas: charity donation of their choice, books, coffee/tea gift cards, meal delivery, light ring for video conference, etc.
Step 3 - Email - triggered when gift is received
Subject: Your experience with ACME at {Previous Company} (P.S Congrats on your new role!)

Hi Anna,

Congrats on the new role! Hope you're settling in nicely.

As a previous (hopefully happy) customer and user of ACME while at {}, do you think there's a potential fit again at {}?

P.S: Hope {the gift} helps you crank in your first 100 days :)
Step 4 - Reply Email - to preserve the original subject line
What do you think?
Step 5 - Email - new thread
Hey Anna,

While you're navigating the new office politics, and identifying friend from foe, here's some [insert helpful info] to ponder. Let us know if we can potentially join forces once more.
Step 6 - Email - new thread
Hey Anna,

Trust you're busy getting the lay of the land. As you take on your first 100 days as {current.job.title}, we'd love to help you again as we did at {}.

Here's a recent ROI/business case as you have a think [insert relevant customer story or content]
Step 7 - Nurture (Optional)
If the person downloads the content from a previous email but doesn't reply, you can transfer them to other marketing nurture program that provides helpful content until they're ready to re-engage.
Multi-thread other contacts within the account referencing the UserGems lead(s)
Email template to multi-thread
Subject: {} & ACME

Hi Sandra,

I noticed that Anna Kim recently joined {account}. She was a user of ACME while at her previous company, {}. I've sent her a note as well, but it could be interesting for you to chat with her about her experience to see if ACME could also be interesting for {account}.

Any feedback is very kind, thank you!