Playbook 2: Previous customers have been in the new role for a while

Recommended for:
Create a trigger to automatically upload UserGems leads into an email campaign (in Marketo, Outreach, Salesloft, etc.)

Combine these touches with your existing outbound sequence and content for this persona (including social selling and calls, if any)
Step 1 - Email (from Outreach or Marketo from reps' inbox)
Subject: Your experience with ACME at {Previous Company}

Hi Jake,

As a previous (hopefully happy) customer of ACME while at {}, do you reckon there's a potential fit again at {}?

We recently introduced [new product, feature] to help companies achieve XYZ. Here's how we help [relevant customer story].

If interested, would love to send you [gifting] in exchange for chat on how ACME can help you at {}. [Link to select gift]
Step 2 - Gifting
If you're offering direct mails/gifting, make sure it integrates with your email tool to pause the sequence when the prospect selects a gift (aka responds)
Step 3 - Email (reply to the previous email)
Penny for your thoughts? Any feedback would be very kind and much appreciated! Hope you're settling in nicely!
Step 4 - Email (new thread)
Hey Jake,

Would it be worth a brief conversation to see how ACME might be able to support you like we do with {}?

Here's a recent ROI/business case as you have a think [insert relevant customer story or content]
Multi-thread other contacts within the account referencing the UserGems lead(s)
Email template to multi-thread
Subject: {} & ACME

Hi Sandra,

I noticed that Jake Johnson recently joined {account}. He was a user of ACME while at his previous company, {}. I've sent him a note as well, but it could be interesting for you to chat with him about his experience to see if ACME could also be interesting for {account}.

Any feedback is very kind, thank you!