Why Companies Go With UserGems vs Apollo.io?

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"UserGems gives our ADRs faster access to key people to reach out to. We can’t imagine operating without UserGems in our sales stack!"

former ADR Manager,

Tessa Greenleaf

Did You Know?

  • 20% of your customers change their job every year and are open for sales conversations again.

  • Newly-hired or recently-promoted buyers spend 70% of their budget in the first 100 days.

  • Reps that get in first and help create the solution vision with the buyer win 74% of the time.

Source: Salesforce, ZoomInfo, Forrester

Why Companies Choose UserGems Over Apollo.io

Data Security

Apollo had a security breach with customer data. UserGems meets privacy and compliance protocol, and passed security reviews of public companies.

Accurate Information

UserGems refreshes its data every month. Apollo updates their database every 3 months or longer.

Built For The Way You Work

Every month, UserGems provides a list of newly-hired (and promoted) prospects in your target accounts -- directly in your Salesforce.

Best-In-Class Tech Stack

UserGems works with other best-in-class sales & marketing tools. Apollo wants to be a one-stop-shop

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