Outbounding in the year 2024 is different from just a few years ago, but we’re here to help! Read about the new features our product team launched in Q2’24 to get ideas for smarter outbounding.

New buyer signal: New Hires & Promotions

We introduced a new buyer signal! 🚨

Have you ever wished you could know when an account you’re targeting brings on a new hire? 

Well, now it’s easy with the New Hires and Promotions buyer signal.

This signal captures new hires at your ICP accounts (adding contacts to your CRM & sales engagement platforms) and automatically enrolls them into personalized sequences.

This is especially impactful because new hires are 2.5x more likely to convert and spend 70% of their budget in the first 90 days. If you try to discover all new hires and promotions manually by scrolling through LinkedIn, you’re going to miss opportunities.

This feature automates the entire process, ensuring you take advantage of high-converting leads.

🎥 Check out this Dig Deeper session replay about how to start using this signal (or read the full recap on our blog). 

You can try the New Hires and Promotions signal for yourself by logging into your UserGems Dashboard here.

Activate & explore new signals with UserGems Signal Library

UserGems Admins now have access to the Signal Library! 🎉

The new Signal Library allows teams to activate buyer signals to create effective, data-driven strategies.

Here, you can access UserGems native signals like Past Champions, New Hires & Promotions, and Champion Referrals, and bring your own signals from intent providers like Demandbase and 6sense. 

This makes it easy to access and prioritize important signals without getting bogged down by too much data.

The Signal Library is also a great place to see what’s coming soon at UserGems!

👉 Learn more about the Signal Library on our launch blog! 

Automate everything in one click with Workflow Builder

To make actioning signals accessible to everyone, UserGems rolled out Workflow Builder! 🔄

This guided workflow tool allows you to select a buyer signal and attach actions from pre-built playbooks (or make your own) in 5 minutes or less.

It also proposes the highest-converting action to each signal automatically, so all your teams need to do is verify it looks good and click save!

Most revenue teams get stuck trying to make signal-based GTM successful because it’s hard to know what workflow to build. And building it usually requires help from your Ops team. 😣

UserGems’ new Workflow Builder makes creating workflows a self-serve process where someone with minimal tech experience can do it themselves.

✍️ Ready to set this up? Talk to your CSM or login to your UserGems Dashboard

UserGems AI-Powered Emails

I know what you’re thinking… AI-powered emails? Really?

Yes, really!

The key to not being spammy is tailoring your emails to the individual person and account even before a human steps in to verify and fine-tune.

This is exactly what our new AI-powered tool does.

GemAI identifies buyer signals at both the individual and company levels. Then personalized and impactful messages are generated for sales teams to use.

Your sales reps then review and add personal touches to these messages, ensuring they strike the right chord with each recipient.

This combination of GemAI efficiency and human oversight eliminates the need for reps to spend hours researching prospects and companies. Instead, they can focus on what they do best—building relationships and closing deals. 🤝

Do you have Outreach and want to try this out? Reach out to justine@usergems.com!

New & Improved Weekly Digests:

Tracking UserGems’ and sales rep performance just got easier! 🙌

We revamped our email notifications for Admins and Users to make it easier to measure performance. We also added a new weekly digest email called the Team Performance Digest.

Now, managers will see performance for each individual member of their team, allowing them to coach more effectively.

You can see how many leads each team member has, along with their activity rate across these leads. 

Tip: activity rates should be at or above 50% of UserGems contacted

Along with activity, managers will be able to see opportunities generated and won from UserGems across their team.

Learn more about UserGems Notifications in our Help Center.

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