SAN FRANCISCO, April 2, 2024—UserGems, a pipeline generation software company, announced the launch of its new signal, New Hires and Promotions. This signal enables teams to turn industry job changes into a potential source of revenue. By combining signal capture with automated workflows, UserGems helps companies identify and engage decision-makers at the right time, so they are always a step ahead of competitors.

Sales and marketing teams have never had access to as much data as they do now and yet teams are still missing their targets. Pavilion’s quarterly pulse report in Q1 2024 reported that only 30-40% of sales and marketers fulfilled quota. The New Hires and Promotions Signal cuts through noisy data by automating the detection and sequencing of new-in-role decision-makers, who are two-and-a-half times more likely to make a purchase. 

“15% of our BDR-generated pipeline comes from UserGems' New Hires signal. It's one of our best sales plays,” shares Mikey Pawell, Director of Revenue Operations at WorkRamp.

New Hires and Promotions Signal launches today with the following features:

  • Capture new or recently promoted buyers that match a company’s target persona and are within its ICP accounts
  • Enrich these contacts with necessary information and refresh them every month
  • Workflows to automate next steps, including routing and notifications 
  • Pre-built sequences in Salesloft and Outreach so outbound teams don’t have to start from scratch

Christian Kletzl, CEO and co-founder of UserGems, explains “Right now, everyone is talking about how to go to market more intelligently. At UserGems, we have created a blueprint to do just that – by capturing  the most valuable buying signals and ensuring that companies act on them consistently and efficiently.” 

The New Hires and Promotions Signal is the second addition to UserGems’ suite of buying signals.

About UserGems

UserGems is software that helps companies boost pipeline and reduce churn by capturing the most valuable buying signals and turning them into revenue. Companies like Mimecast, UserTesting, and Lattice see more than 15X ROI in closed won revenue from UserGems.

For more information about UserGems and the New Hires & Promotions Signal, please visit www.usergems.com.

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