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  • For: Customer Success Managers, Account Managers
  • Good for preventing churn when a new executive joins

Send notification via email or Slack to the account owner

Example Slack notification from UserGems:


💎 UserGems: New Executive > joined Customer account 💎

Heads up! John Smith is TITLE that recently joined COMPANY.

  • Name: John Smith| New work email | LinkedIn URL
  • Past company:
  • Past title:
  • Past relationship
  • New company:
  • New title:
  • Job started date:

Important: It looks like COMPANY is your customer account. Consider sending them the below email 👇 to prevent churn.



<div class="email-header">
<div>COMPANY's current partnership with ACME</div>


Hi {First Name},

Congrats on joining COMPANY team!

Wanted to reach out to introduce myself as ACME CSM for COMPANY. I've been working with JANE SMITH and team since YEAR.

I thought you might find the below information from our last QBR relevant.

At a high level, ACME helps with [insert your value prop].

Some highlights of our partnership with COMPANY so far:

  • Highlight 1
  • Highlight 2
  • Highlight 3

If you'd like any additional information or hop on a call to chat, I'm here to help.


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