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  • For: Account Executives (Sales)
  • Help with de-risking your open opportunities when a contact leaves mid-cycle

Send notification via email or Slack to the Opp owner

Example Slack notification from UserGems:


⚠️ UserGems: Open Opp contact left ⚠️

Heads up! It looks like John Smith at COMPANY recently left.

  1. Check their {{LinkedIn URL}} to confirm
  2. Use the below email to reach out to other stakeholders to avoid losing momentum on this Opp👇



<div class="email-header">
<div>Did JOHN leave COMPANY?</div>


Hi {First Name},

I noticed that JOHN SMITH appears to have left COMPANY. Can you confirm if that's correct? 

If so, that's a definitely bummer. I really enjoyed working with JOHN. 

I'm sure you're still getting your ducks in a row, but please let me know if there's anyone I should be looping in to help fill their shoes with the ACME evaluation.


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