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  • For: Sales Development, Account Executives, Marketing
  • UserGems leads evaluated your product in the past
  • Their new role matches your target persona and they started within the last 6 months

Step 1 | Day 1 | Email


<div class="email-header">
<div>Back at PAST COMPANY</div>


Hi {First Name} - Congrats on landing your new role! 

Looks like you may have crossed paths with ACME while you back were at PAST COMPANY.

Does ACME ring a bell from your time there?

Either way, hoping all is well over at COMPANY.


Step 2 | Day 16 | Email


Tip: Research the previous opportunity that this person was involved in

Saw in our systems that you checked out ACME with PERSON X at PAST COMPANY -- is that right?

The stars may have not aligned then, but curious if you'd be willing to share your thoughts/feedback from then?

A quick refresher: ACME helps [include a relevant customer story]


Step 3 | Day 22 | Email


Tip: include personalized observation from their LinkedIn posts or company updates, and connect back to how your company can help

Since it looks like there was some interest while at PAST COMPANY, would it be worth exploring ACME at COMPANY?

I imagine a lot has changed for you since you left PAST COMPANY -- a lot has changed at ACME too. 

[Add some of your latest product updates]

Open to a quick chat if ACME can help?


Step 4 | Day 22 | LinkedIn Follow or Connect

Step 5 | Day 22 | Call

Step 6 | Day 26 | Email


Tip: Insert humor GIF or meme of your choice

Just like you, {First Name}, [insert problem statement that their roles usually face]

How ACME can help you:

[insert your messaging and link to relevant customer story or research study]

How you can help me:

If you think there could be interest at COMPANY, like there was at PAST COMPANY, could we chat?


Step 7 | Day 26 | LinkedIn interact with post

Step 8 | Day 31 | Email



If you've had a moment to remember ACME, can you give me any pointers?

Like if ACME could be relevant to COMPANY's 2023 goals. [insert your value prop as a reminder]

Or maybe an introduction PERSON Y, looks like they head up DEPARTMENT X.

Or, even just some feedback on my outreach?

I'm all ears.


Step 9 | Day 33 | Call

Step 10 | Day 36 | Email


Tip: Insert some humor that ties in with your subject line & email

Totally get that you're busy. Just trying to gauge your interest in [insert your value prop] and if we can be of help.

Is it the wrong time or there's no interest?


P.S: [insert any incentive your company is offering]


Step 11 | Day 36 | LinkedIn interact with post

Step 12 | Day 39 | Call

Step 13 | Day 44 | Email


<div class="email-header">
<div>Did I overstep?</div>


Hi {First Name} -- hope that I didn't overstep your bounds. Since you evaluated us at PAST COMPANY, thought it made sense to reach out. 

I'm getting the feeling that now is not the best time to connect.

Leaving you with a [insert helpful company resources]

Let me know if I can ever be of help to you -- ACME related or not.

Take care,

Optional tip: insert humor (GIF or meme)


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