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  • For: Account Executives (Sales), Account Managers
  • Good for multi-threading and deal acceleration

Send notification via email or Slack to the Opp owner

Example Slack notification from UserGems:


💎 UserGems: Worked at Customer > joined Open Opp account 💎

Heads up! John Smith worked at PAST COMPANY and recently joined COMPANY.

  • Name: John Smith| New work email | LinkedIn URL
  • Past company:
  • Past title:
  • Past relationship
  • New company:
  • New title:
  • Job started date:

Important: It looks like COMPANY already has an open opp. It's unclear how familiar John was with ACME at PAST COPANY. Consider sending them the below email👇 to help with multi-threading.



<div class="email-header">
<div>We miss you at PAST COMPANY</div>


Hi {First Name},

I saw that you joined COMPANY coming from PAST COMPANY. PAST COMPANY is a customer of ours here at ACME so I was curious if you came across us during your time there?

I'm currently speaking with [insert colleague's name] at COMPANY to bring ACME onboard, so would love your perspective if ACME rings a bell.

Either way, all the best if your new role.


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