Scale your impact, not your overhead

UserGems integrates AI at every step – from ICP & persona setup, buyer research & scoring, to email personalization –  to help your team achieve more with less resources.

ICP & Persona

Monitor your ICP and target persona

Build a better foundation for your go-to-market. 

GemAI defines the right ideal customer profile (ICP) and target persona, and keep them updated for you.

account scoring

Prioritize your best accounts and buyers

GemAI combines your signals for each account and buyers, then prioritizes the ones most likely to convert.

Use our scoring system as-is or customize based on your needs. You'll have full control over when an account or buyer is considered "High Intent".


AI-assisted emails for each buyer

GemAI combines signals, relationships, prospect’s preferences, news or context about the company to suggest personalized email messages.

AI messages are embedded directly in cadences that sellers can review and edit.


Want to get more pipeline with less work?