Win Twice As Many Deals

The first account-based targeting solution with a continuously-updated list of leads that match your best customers, allowing reps to reach out to twice as many prospects and cover twice as many accounts as before.

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UserGems Prospecting

Improve Reps' Efficiency And Effectiveness

DID YOU KNOW — Because sales tools today are not optimized for account-based selling, reps contact on average only 1.2 prospects per account and cover less than 50% of their priority accounts

Account Prioritization

Easily prioritize target accounts by knowing at all times which accounts have new decision-makers or which accounts have too few prospects in sequence.

UserGems Prospecting Account Prioritization
UserGems Prospecting

Prospect Selection

Automatically receive every new prospect that matches your persona in each account.

Know who has already been contacted and who else should be added into outreach sequence for effective multi-threaded sales.

Each prospect comes with a work email address, LinkedIn profile, a Match Score, and can be easily added to a sequence.

Data You Can Trust

Up-To-Date: Unlike other tools that refresh data every 3 to 6 months, UserGems continuously updates your data so you can reach out to your new prospects as soon as possible.

Accuracy: Verified contact information results in less than 5% bounce rate.

Ranking: Each prospect comes with a Match Score based on how similar they are to your best buyers.

UserGems Prospecting

Integrated With Your Existing Tools

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Hear From Our Customers

UserGems delivers true, concrete ROI on day one. It has turned out to be one of the most valuable solutions we have added to our go-to-market tech stack in the last two years.

former VP of Sales, Sisense

I would definitely recommend UserGems. We evaluated the quality of their data across all the competitors (ClearBit, Pipl, etc.) and they were by far the best in terms of coverage.

CEO and Founder, SnapEDA

UserGems gives our ADRs faster access to key people to reach out to. We can’t imagine operating without UserGems in our sales stack!

former ADR Manager, Sisense

This week alone, we had several demos booked in the first hour with opportunities we wouldn't have found otherwise. We also identified current clients that had our main contact leave. This level of insight is invaluable! The support at UseGems is top notch and they have provided excellent training.

VP Sales & Client Success, iWave