New Buyers Are Your Best Buying Intent Signal

Identify newly-hired or recently-promoted buyers within your target accounts, so you're first to reach these buyers and help them shape their evaluation criteria.

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UserGems Prospecting
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Monthly Prospect List

Monthly list of prospects that match your persona for each account, including those recently hired and promoted.

Know who's already contacted and who else should be added into a sequence for an effective multi-threaded sales.

Each prospect includes email address, start date, job title, LinkedIn profile, and can be easily added to an existing sequence.

UserGems Prospecting Account Prioritization
UserGems Prospecting

Data You Can Trust

Up-To-Date: Unlike other tools that refresh data every 3 to 9 months, UserGems updates every month so you can reach out to new prospects when they are new to the role and building their tech stack.

Accuracy: Verified contact information results in less than 5% bounce rate.

Ranking: New prospects are ranked based on how similar they are to your target persona.


Account Prioritization

Easily prioritize and multi-thread target accounts by knowing which accounts have new decision-makers or which accounts have too few prospects in sequence.

UserGems Prospecting

Integrated With Your Existing Tools

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