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Get access to the highest value revenue roundtables, events, and thought leadership in the B2B SaaS space.
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"The value we get out of the revenue leadership forum is AMAZING. From roundtables to the brand exposure, it has been an unmatched investment of our time"
Natasha Baker
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Quarterly roundtable events

Get access to exclusive roundtable events twice every quarter. Interact with the top leaders in revenue.

Brand exposure

Personal and company exposure through blogs, social, and events.

UserGems integrates with Salesforce and Outreach
UserGems Account Tracking
UserGems Account Tracking

Thought leadership

Stay up to date with what is working. Get ahead of the current trends, share what you are doing, and get invaluable feedback from the biggest names in sales.

With Linkedin & Zoominfo, you miss out on 70%+ of warm leads

Out of 9k contacts...

With LinkedIn:

  • 1,000+ false alarms
  • 500+ missing job changes
  • 3,263 or less accurate job changes
With UserGems:
  • 4,000 accurate & relevant job changes
Out of 100k contacts...
With ZoomInfo:
  • 1,700+ false alarms
  • Missing 10k+ job changes
  • 4,500 or less accurate job changes
With UserGems:
  • 14,000 accurate & relevant job changes

Data Security & Compliance

We're committed to protecting your data and privacy with SOC-2 verification, regular penetration testing, compliance reviews and audits.
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