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Get notified when your customers leave and when new decision makers join your accounts.

Trigger events = less churn, increased retention, more upsell

Without UserGems

You're taken by surprise when your points of contact left and a new buyer re-evaluates the contract.

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With UserGems

Proactively identify churn risks when a champion leaves or a new executive joins one of your accounts

Prevent churn when a champion leaves

Get an alert in your CRM and email when any of your contacts leave so you can proactively multi-thread to prevent any churn risks.

UserGems for Customer Success
UserGems for Customer Success

Prevent churn when a new executive joins

New decision-makers are the #1 sales trigger because they'll evaluate the tech stack they inherited.

Every month, UserGems identifies any new decision makers and champions that joined your accounts to help you proactively build the relationships.

Identify cross-sell and upsell opportunities

By having a full visibility in any key job movements within your accounts, you can prioritize your books effectively to achieve your KPIs.

UserGems for Customer Success
Dwight Richards
"[With UserGems] we identified current clients where our main contact leave. This level of insight is invaluable!"
Dwight Richards
Dwight Richards
VP of Sales & Client Success
in Closed Wons

Integrate with your existing tools

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