How To Turn Your Customers' Job Changes Into Hot Leads And New Deals

20% of your customers change to a new company every year.

Because they're already familiar with your products, these “alumni customers” are 5X more open to having a conversation and 3X more likely to buy from YOU than your average leads.

But how to best email them?

Becc and Christian will share the playbook that you can copy immediately to book more meetings and close more deals.

After this session, you'll get:

  1. Three sequences to target alumni customers
  2. Nine examples & tips to perfect your emails
  3. A cheatsheet to automate this play

Download The Slides Here

Interested in applying these tips to grow your pipeline? Check out this FREE tool by UserGems that tracks any contact from your calendar for job changes.

This session is part one of a three-part webinar series to turn your customers and buyers’ job changes into HOT leads.

  1. Playbook 1: When Customers Move To Another Company
  2. Playbook 2: When New Buyers Join Your Target Accounts (coming in Summer)
  3. Playbook 3: When Your Contacts Got Promoted (coming in Fall)

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